This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Headless Horseman

Blue Bornakk wrote:
The Headless Horsemen terrorizes the lands only during the holiday where people celebrate the freedom of the Forsaken.

So.. the Headless Horseman is the Santa Clause of Hallow’s end.

With presents:

Let’s say that my cousin Sally was a nice priest who lived in Lordaeron. She owned a nice little shop selling sweets. Along comes the infected grains.. and BOOM Sally’s undead. Kinda sucks for her. Kinda sucks for me. I go to visit Sally and she tries to eat my brains. I start to distinctly dislike Sally.

Sylvanus “wakes up” from her undead induced lethargy and kicks some demonic butt.. all the way back to where they came from.. at the same time freeing some of her undead brethren from the cold clutches of the enemy. Yeah Sylvanus. Sally is one of the lucky Forsaken. Yeah Sally.

So now.. Sally’s undead (poor Sally) but no longer bent on destruction of all.. she still feasts on flesh (and brains) but has (mostly) control over her appetites.

I’m not exactly inviting Sally home with me (I like my brains where they are thank you very much) But she’s still my cousin. Family is family. Who hasn’t lost a family member to an undead plague and then (somewhat) gotten them back through lucky political maneuvering and demonic ass kicking? Amirite? So I’m happy the Forsaken are free from the scourge.. but I do wish Sally would write (especially since it seems she’s forgotten how to talk to me).

Yeah Hallow’s End.

So.. who’s this headless guy? Seriously.. that seems a little random.

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