This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Warlocks on Spell hit

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1. Base chance to hit with spells is affected by the opponent’s level.

Base Chance to Hit with Spell
vs +5 lvl 61%
vs +4 lvl 72%
vs +3 lvl 83%
vs +2 lvl 94%
vs +1 lvl 95%
vs +0 lvl 96%
vs -1 lvl 97%
vs -2 lvl 98%
vs -3 lvl 99%

2. Chance to hit with spells is capped at 99%. There is always at least 1% chance to miss.

3. Chance to hit with spells can be increased by talents.
– The warlock suppression talent increases the chance to hit with affliction spells by 2% (1pt), up to a maximum of 10% (5pts).

4. Chance to hit with spells can be increased by spell hit rating.
– Spell hit rating is a combat attribute found on gear items. A spell hit rating value will change the chance to hit with spells by a percentage. This percentage varies with the level of the player. A level 70 caster gains 1% chance to spell hit for every 12.6 rating points . Table below shows exact spell hit rating values and the increase in chance to hit with spells for a level 70 caster.

SH Rating@70 +%

0.00 +0%
12.62 +1%
25.23 +2%
37.85 +3%
50.46 +4%
63.08 +5%
75.69 +6%
88.31 +7%
100.92 +8%
113.54 +9%
126.15 +10%
138.77 +11%
151.38 +12%
164.00 +13%
176.62 +14%
189.23 +15%
201.85 +16%

5. Chance to hit with spells can be increased by external conditions. (List may not be exhaustive today.)
– Dranei casters give an additional 1% chance to spell hit to their group (Inspiring presence).
– Totem of Wrath increases the chance to hit and critically hit with spells by 3% to all party members if they are within 20 yards.

6. For PvE (TBC), raid bosses are considered to be 3 levels higher than a level 70 player.

7. A level 70 warlock attacking a raid boss will have 83% base chance to hit with spells, implying an increment of +16% is required to reach the maximum chance of 99%. The optimal spell hit rating for fighting raid bosses is therefore 202. A higher spell hit rating is useless for raiding.

8. Against raid trash (less than lvl 73) – and assuming mixed level mob groups including lvl 72 mobs – the optimal spell hit rating is 64 (base 94% for lvl 72 + 5% from hit rating).

An example:
An affliction lock with 5/5 points in suppression (+10% hit for affliction spells) and a spell hit rating of 76 (+6% hit for all spells) will land 99% of his shadow DOTs on a raid boss. His shadow bolts (or his destruction spells) only hit for 89% however. All his spells will hit maximally (99%) against mobs of level 72 and lower.

Article is part of: Tuning Warlock Spell Hit

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3 comments to Warlocks on Spell hit

  • Wondering if Spell Hits for Warlock work same as for Paladins, since were both casters.

    Last i remember is holy spells cannot be resisted except 1% i think if i’m correct but your spells can certainly miss. Avengers Shield reads as a spell and it sometimes miss big. Don’t think i’ve ever seen SoR miss ever. Haven’t ever seen Exorcism miss when i use it, but hate to think it will miss when i use all that mana to hit that button. I wonder if when i consecrate does that ever miss when its ticking as a spell when mob is in place?

    I can’t remember how much spell hits i have but i know its not much or none at all. Hell too much itimization for a Paladin to get things fully optimized like other classes that don’t have to juggle 1001 stats. Only Spell Hits i know i may have is 31 spell hit rating from that Scryer Trinket you get at Revered which gives 150 spell damage can’t remember what its called.

    I got 5/5 in wepon expertise, it would be nice if having that did increase Spell Hit rating as it does melee hits.

  • Nibuca


    Check out Coriel’s post from July:
    +Hit Caps for Bosses

    Paladin (Spell)
    Base: 202

    Paladin (Melee)
    Base: 142
    w/ Precision: 95
    w/ Weapon Expertise: 87
    w/ Precision + Weapon Expertise: 40

    I assume the “to hit” that’s used is the same as the “to crit” so we end up with the following:

    Seal of Righteousness: Cannot crit. spell damage
    Judgment of Righteousness: Spell Crit, spell damage
    Seal of Vengeance: Cannot crit. spell damage
    Judgment of Vengeance: Cannot crit (?), spell damage
    Consecration: Cannot crit. Spell Damage
    Exorcism: spell cirt, spell damage
    Holy Wrath: spell crit. spell damage
    Holy Shock(31 points into holy): spell crit, spell damage
    Holy Shield(31 points into protection): Cannot crit. spell damage

    Hit with weapon: Melee Crit, AP
    Hammer of Wrath: Melee crit, spell damage
    Avenger’s Shield(41 points into protection): Melee crit rate, spell damage
    Seal of Command(11 points into Retribution): Melee crit rate, AP and spell damage
    Judgement of Command(11 points into Retribution): melee crit rate, spell damage
    Crusader Strike(41 points into Retribution): Melee crit rate, AP and spell damage

  • Thanks, i found the post somehow i misses that one. Makes a lot of sense to me reading it. Will have to link it to my blog just in case i ever forget since i’m forgetting stuff all the time. :) Thanks.