This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Trivial vs non-trivial

In the grand scheme of things, Brewfest is trivial. It’s a fun little event where you can “drink beer”, “get drunk” and ride a racing ram. It’s fun but it’s not crucial to the game. At least not in the “must get to 70, get flying mount, and raid uber-stuff” sort of crucial sense.

That said.. it’s fun. The racing rams are a hoot. Throwing beer steins at the attacking dwarves.. another hoot… shooting pink elekks… eeh, not so fun.. but relatively easy.

What does it mean when thing that are trivial are bugged? Bugged in a big way.

It’s day three of the brewfest.. and I’m really not certain what will/won’t be working tonight. It doesn’t inspire confidence in Blizzard’s capabilities. I -hope- it means that the big hitters (ie, the A team programmers) are working on the big/crucial things.. but dropping these little things just makes me doubt their abilities.

Brewfest isn’t crucial.. but it is very public. Having this many bugs blatantly in public view cause me doubt their ability to execute on the really big things.

Illyah, my horde-side paladin has 163 tickets. I was able to do the Iron Dwarf event once before they removed it from the game. This morning I was able to complete the keg delivery quest.. and I received the ram to race around Org.. but when I went to the point in the city it didn’t trigger the “bark” and give me credit for that point. I also wasn’t able to pick up the Pink Elekk quest.

I think if I keep up my average of ~70 tickets a day that I should be able to get the Ram mount. Maybe.

Regardless.. I did get my Wolpertinger. Go me.

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