This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Greeny tree hugger

I ran out of mana pots. I won’t say I use a -lot- of mana pots.. but I defiantly go through them.

So jog off to AH only to find Mana pots are hideously expensive. No problem, guildie is potion spec’d alchemist.. I’ll just buy plants and vials and have her craft me some pots.

Plants are hideously expensive. Not as hideously expensive as the finished pots.. but still.. these are plant bits found on the ground. Free.

Have brief discussion with self. (But I don’t use leather and I would use flowers. But you make money selling leather and skinning is at max. I could make money selling flowers and it won’t be that hard to max out. But but but.. *sigh* OK)

Drop 375 Skinning and take up Herbalism.

70 stealth + Epic mount + Crusader Aura FTW!

Whirlwind tour of Teldrassil (filled with herbs) got me quickly to 50.
Not-So-Whirlwind tour of Darkshore (surprisingly empty of herbs)(probably should have gone to the Barrens instead). Got me to 85.
Relocate to Loch Modan. Better pickings but still pretty slim. Got me to 115.
Relocate to Wetlands. Nice herbs. Got me to 160.
Relocate to Arathi Highlands/Southshore. More in Arathi. Got me to 203.
Relocate to the Hinterlands. Lots of Purple Lotus and Ghost Mushrooms (need ghost mushrooms for Ette’s epic mount someday when she gets 60). Got me to 290.

Which is where I am now.

I’m hoping to hit Felwood and then Eastern/Western Plaguelands tonight. Then on to Zangarmarsh. Whee!

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4 comments to Greeny tree hugger

  • Welcome to the club!

    Dropped skinning and mining to pick up herb/alch. I like it much better, but I wish I had CA when I was trying to skill up…


  • Ken Lydell

    Congratulations! My huntress abandoned skinning/leatherwork at L46 and went with alchemy/herbalism. She not only looks after her own needs but those of 8 alts ranging from L15 to L48. At L61 she is collecting herbs in Zangarmarsh and rounding out her recipe collection. The alts are all skinner/herbalists at present but I will switch one of them to gemcrafting/mining before long.

  • What will you all do in the next expansion when the buff all the professions to make them even more usefull? I sometime wish i had mining, but then again i would’t trade my profession.

    I’m a Alch/Herb, i have never changed my professions. Anyway yeah mana pots can be expensive ….sometimes. Well….they are a high demand item since every caster class use mana buy mana pots. Supply & Demand. Then again considering i’m a caster i need my own mana pots i make and i make them and stach them to use. Most the time i never sell mana pots at least not Super Mana Potions. But i’m nice enough a Alch if you bring the flowers to me if you obtain them however you do i’ll nicely make them for anyone often at no charge. Super Healing Potions also.

    The flowers can be expensive and hard to fly around and find. Though i know where to find flowers i need they can still be hard to find. And when i sell potions i’m thinking of my profit margin. In some ways it balance out in some ways. Miners get everyone on their mining goods. JC gets everyone on their high price jems. Enchanters get everyone on their Shards and Dusts. Alch gets everybody back on their Potion/Elixirs :)

    Don’t waste your potions but if you do. Here’s what i always say be nice with a Alch. A alch always need favors too so it can be a trade relationship thats worthwhile to get cheaper Mana/Healing or any other special potions. However i never sell Super Healing or Mana potions as a Alch i just use them my self since well i use mana too. Its also often economics why i don’t. Mana & Healing potions are sometimes too cheap on AH.

  • Nibuca

    Tatia is now a Herbalist/Enchanter.

    The problem with before.. is that she had no use for skins. Except for their money value. So skinning was having only a financial benefit for her. My leatherworker languishes at about level 23.. and hasn’t seen playtime in months.. so everything went directly to AH or to fiancee (who has a high level leatherwoker)(but really he has very little for me).

    Herbalism has a similar financial benefit.. in that I don’t have to put out as much gold for herbs. It will also allow me to “pick” bog lords for motes of life. Motes of life that are often used in healing enchants.. on my stuff.. for my healing gear.

    The change is a good short-term change. In the long term, Ette, my up-and-coming warlock, is an Herbalist/Alchemist. Hopefully she will get to 70 before WotLK. That gives me at least one high level flower picker.. just in case I want to change Tatia (yet again) to doing something else.. say Inscription.