This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

The Hump

I’ve been stuck on enchanting for a while. For some reason my umph to level it just dried up (along with all the “spare” enchanting mats). It’s more economical to sell Arcane dust then to waste it on enchanting.. especially when you consider that I -hate- the idea of hawking my enchanting while standing in a main city. GRR. So I’m stuck at 345 enchanting.

This is especially frustrating since I have two nice recipes waiting for me at 350 and two more at 360. GRR!

Flower picking stalled out at 304. I need to get it to at least 350 so I can “pick” bloglords.. but I keep doing instances instead of picking flowers.

Add to that, tonight is Kara. So no enchanting or flower picking for me tonight. I’m hopeful I can drown my sorrow in phat loots. But Kara laughs at me.. so I’m sure it’ll drop more tanking leather bits for the druid… or healing cloth for the priests.

Ok.. yeah.. this post is just one big “wah!”

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2 comments to The Hump

  • Galoheart

    Pick flowers/herbs in your downtime whenever that is. Getting above 304 should not be hard. I got to 375 before I ever step foot in Outland. I was a flower picking fool :) At least it was nice for my Herb Bank.

    If only the loot gear we needed dropped. Mine never does!

  • Enchanting is a bear. I spent a lot leveling up to 300 back in the day. This time, I decided not to waste any of that potential money. I sucked it up, and advertised like a mad man. Getting to 350 wasn’t too bad. And most of the time, people would bring their own mats. Getting to 375 was a bit more difficult, but I used (not wasted) a few ring enchants on myself, so it worked out well.