This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

So.. what’s still “broken”?

With the announced changes in 2.3, a lot of Paladin concerns are being addressed. But what’s still not working?

My DPS sucks” Mostly heard from Holy and Protection pallies.

Still broken (somewhat). +heal items will give free +spell damage to the wearer. Holy pally DPS in +heal gear is abysmal (which is the reason why I’ve gathered a +spell set). The +heal to +spell conversion will give me about +350 spell damage. My +spell set is +469 spell. So the big change here is that I won’t have to put specific effort into gathering a +spell set.. but If I do my damage will be greater.

The other benefit here is that if I’m in my +heal set, then in the middle of a fight I can change roles. If I start out dealing some damage.. and then move to healing. My damage is diminished.. but my healing will be stellar.

Overall I see this as a win for Holy pallies. No change for Protection Pallies.. though I guess they could go out and DPS in their +heal set now. In truth it’s kinda “meh”. Even after the change my DPS is pretty abysmal and is mostly unchanged from before this patch. The only change is that maybe I can have one fewer set of armor… If I don’t mind having lower +spell through lazy-man gathering.

I have no skills for off-tanking” Heard from Protection Pallies.

Still broken. Blizzard seems to want to keep Warriors in the “main tank” position. Fine. But Pallies don’t have the skills to work well in the “second on the threat list” type of off-tanking situation. Our DPS sucks and most of our threat is reactive (and expensive in mana). If we’re not getting hit we’re not generating reactive threat.. nor are we getting healed.. and we quickly run out of mana. We just don’t have the DPS or active threat generation to keep ahead of the rest of the DPSers on the threat list. The change in the cost of some of the skills might help with this.. but I don’t think it’s enough.

We deserve an AOE heal” Heard from Holy Pallies.

Still “broken”. There’s some question as to whether this will ever be addressed. It is a fact that Pallies make poor healers when you’re dealing with all around damage. They have no skill to heal the group.. except to spam 1.5-2.0 second heals across the board.

All healers are not created equal. This may be the way that Blizzard wants to differentiate the Pally healer from the other healers.

It’s silly for healers in plate to ‘stand in the back and heal’

Still broken. There’s no real compelling reason for Holy Pallys to be in melee combat. The benefit from Seal of Light/Wisdom are too small to justify the danger most of the time. It’s possible that the addition of 3% crit to Seal of the Crusader may cause more to move forward. But I’m not yet convinced.

Additionally.. I’m worried that the +3% will only effect the people in your party and not the whole raid. It says: “…will also increase the critical strike chance of all attacks made against the target…”

Did I miss any? Are there any class concerns that you see that will be unaddressed after 2.3?

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1 comment to So.. what’s still “broken”?

  • Valis

    #3 – We’re the best direct healers in the game, thus no AOE heals and no HoTs. Its cool, we rock anyway.

    #4 – ‘Standing in back in plate’ does seem silly, until a mob peels off the tank and makes a beeline for you on account of the heals you’re dropping. Then it’s a Very Good Thing. You can take a couple of shots from something that may one-shot a priest, not to mention Hammer of Justice, bubble, etc. Durability matters, even in the back.