This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Guild First: Moroes

Last night was a West Kingdom first. For the first time we killed Moroes.

We were: Gongniu (Warrior MT), Amellea (Druid OT), Zynnia (Priest MH), Tatia (Holy Pally OTH), Ireena (Priest OH), Daegothh (Mage), Sibiy (BM Hunter), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter). Yes, you read that right, we had 4 hunters and a mage for DPS.

Attuman was a pushover. We got him on the first attempt. I’m hesitant to say it.. but we may actually have him on “farm”. Now if only he’d drop something besides cloth loot. Seriously.. what dead horse do I have to beat to get some blasted plate around here?

For Moroes we had both tanks on Moroes and then burned the adds down in order. I spent a very very long time casting free heals. They cost 0 mana but land for 600-1000 hp. He dropped [Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable] which went to Gongniu and [Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings] which Amellea bought from Daegothh for a void shard (no one needed it for their main gear set.. so we rolled for shard. Daegothh won and then Ameallea “bought” the item for a void shard which he’ll mail to Daegothh).

We then moved on to attempt Maiden. We made one abortive.. and two real attempts at her. In the abortive attempt Gongniu was getting into position and DC’d and pulled the boss.

On the last attempt we got her down to 25%. I’m pretty sure we’ll have it soon.

Go us!

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4 comments to Guild First: Moroes

  • Gratz on Moroes and on progression in Kara. Keep wacking the boss there they have to cough up that loot eventually.

  • Yay, grats! Soon you’ll be able to see the Opera encounters, which are mucho fun.

  • That’s a lot of trapping available. Gratz on the kill.

  • For the Maiden, have the pally as MH with constant Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank. Have everyone inside the ring of columns but off of her platform. Have the priest focused mostly on cleansing that DoT and secondarily on trying to keep a PoM or HoT on the tank when Maiden’s repentence is coming up, and tertiarily(?) on putting some HoTs on the pally to take care of the BoSac damage. MH pally should never change target from the MT. Make sure all of your dps know that they *must* keep LoS on their healers or the DoT will eat them. You’ll be farming her in no time at all. Once you get it down, Maiden is a much easier fight than Moroes, as long as you have a BoSac on the tank. I don’t know how it goes with no pally.