This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

State of the UI: Nov 2007

I’m a chronic UI fiddler. Here’s the current state of the UI

Starting at the top. On the left I have the regular player/target unitframes from Blizzard. I’m thinking of turning them off now that I have Quartz installed still noodling on the idea.

Fubar: Across the top you see FuBar. I used to use Titan but updated to FuBar since it seems to be under more active development. From left to right you see:
MoneyFu, DurabilityFu, topScoreFu, ToFu (flight timer)
AlarmClockFu, RecountFu, LocationFu, TCGTradeSkillsFu (mouseover shows my tradeskill levels for all of my toons and clicking on the icons triggers -that- tradeskill for this toon).
On my non-70 toons I also have experienceFu in the top bar.
On my warlocks I have eeShards for shard management.
I also have a bottom bar.. but it only shows up on mouseover. On that I have AddonSpamfu, BagFu, and performancefu

CTBuff: On the right-hand side of the top you see all my buffs and debuffs. This is currently using CT-BUFF. I’m thinking about changing to ElkBuffs though since CT is such a resource hog (and after 2.3 I think CTBuff is the only CT mod I’ll still be using).

AuraMap: The circles in the minimap show my range and my auras. This is using the addon AuraMap. The red circle is at 30′ (aura/cleanse range) and the yellow circle is at 40′ (heal range).

DepositBox: The padlock icon on the minimap is for DepositBox. I’ve written that addon up before: DepositBox. It hides my money from me.. and prevents me from spending it. All good things.

Omen: Back on the left-hand side I have Omen, my threat meter. It’s in beta but has gotten more stable recently. I still find that once or twice an instance run I have to reload my UI to get me to show up in omen. It’s getting better though.

MetaHud and Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text: The center of the screen, around my toon is my Hud. I use meta hud for the bars and targeting info.. and Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text to show and label the incoming and outgoing hits/heals. Hmm.. this screenshot doesn’t show anything incoming/outgoing. I think I was mistargeted. Look at the incoming/outgoing here. This part of the UI hasn’t changed in a long time.

PallyPower: On the far right is PallyPower. This tremendously eases blessing management.

Prat: On the far left is Prat. It prettifies the chat box. I’m not entirely sold on it. It has some nice features.. but no real “Oh God, I can’t live without it”. The timestamp is nice.. the color coding of /trade chat with the chatters class/level is nice.. but other than that.. it’s kinda “Meh”.

Bartender3, Dr. Damage and OmniCC: Below Prat is my button bar. I’m using Bartender3 to manage my buttons. Shown is my main “I’m fighting” buttons. If I hold down CTRL this button bar completely updates to a new set of 20 buttons. Those are my Blessings. If I hold down ALT the button bar completely updates again to a totally new set of 20 buttons. ALT is my “need buttons for it but do’t need to see it all the time” buttons. Things like my enchant/disenchant buttons… bandages, etc.

Also sprinkled around the screen is 4 more button bars that only show when you mouse over them. On the top, by the minimap is the bar that holds all my auras. The bar only shows when I wave my mouse over it.

The yellow numbers on the bottom center of the buttons are from Dr. Damage. I think it’s showing the average damage from that attack.

The big red number is the cooldown on that ability. That’s coming from OmniCC.

Dotimer: To the right of the button bar is the CoolDown timers from Dotimer. Dotimer also is responsible for the .. dot timer that is just to the right of Grid. This is useful on my Paladin.. and indispensible on my warlock. I’ve turned off the “Communication” module of Dotimer to keep it’s spammy-ness from messing with Omen.

Quartz: This screenshot doesn’t really show much of quartz. The dot timer is showing but that’s it. Indispensible addon though.

Grid and Clique: At the bottom center of the screen is Grid. I’ve installed Grid, GridAlert, GridSideIndicators, GridStatusAFK, and GridStatusPvP. Hrm.. despite the fact that we’re in the middle of the raid the Grid information shown isn’t all that interesting. Currently it’s showing that Amellea has aggro.. but not much else.

I use Clique combined with Grid to heal. See article here.

Not shown but critical: See here.
EquipCompare – Compare new item to worn item
TBag – Bag management.

Not shown but terribly useful:
AuctioneerAdvanced and Enchantrix – The Auction House mods.
BigWigs – Used in raids to give info about what a boss is going to do next and when.
Cartographer – Mapping mod.
FocusFrame – Shows your focus as another unitframe.
HealPoints & TankPoints – Helps to quantify the difference between items.
Mobinfo2 – How many of these have you killed, how many kills to level, what have they dropped for you.. “where do I find XXX item” searchable database.
RatingBuster – Translates “22 crit strike rating” to “+1% Crit”
Recount – Damage meter
TourGuide – Questing guide for more efficient leveling. See here.

For warlocks:
GrimoireKeeper – So when you goto the Demon trainer already-known grimoire’s show up in a different color so you don’t buy them twice.

CloseUp – Allows you to zoom in on your toon in the dressing room.
GFW_Linkerator – Allows you to type [hammer of destiny] into chat and have it show up as a clickable item.

Addons under consideration but not currently installed:
Karma – Addon to give karma points to people so you can track your relationship to them
Jim’s Cooldown Pulse – Addon to “pulse” buttons on your screen when their cooldown is up.
ToolTip Wrangler – For moving the tooltips
Squeenix or Simple MiniMap – For square minimap.

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11 comments to State of the UI: Nov 2007

  • I really like Jim’s Cooldown Pulse especially in PVP. Mainly because one of my biggest problems in a fight is tunnelvision. I’m either watching the battle, not knowing my Blessing of Freedom is ready. Or I’m staring at my cooldowns, and didn’t notice that Rogue pounding me from the backside.

    Keeps my eyes in one place, and easy to setup. =)

  • *GASP* What’s this? No deadly boss mods? I kid! I’m sure Bigwigs is a fine alternative. I haven’t used that since way back when. Nice screenies.

  • Valis

    Bigwigs is Ace, also Bigwigs has the useful Littlewigs for 5 man boss warnings. Still, Deadly Boss Mod is better IMO — more helpful and more powerful in a a whole bunch of little ways. I recently switched to DBM from BigWigs. Still, I wish DBM was ace…

    Regarding your stock unitframes, give X-Perl a try. Their party frames and raid frames are awesome. Of course your Grid setup encompasses most of the functionality I get from the X-Perl raid frames, but if you like a lot of info onscreen in a carefully arranged manner they are great, and super customizable.

    I’ve never seen AuraMap – gonna have to pick that one up. Thanks!

  • I thought my OmniCC had the cooldown pulse. I’m not noticing it like I once used to. Will definitely checkout Jim’s Cooldown Pulse. (I’ve redone my add-ons a few times and might have lost it.) I like the Aura Map thing, especially as a buffing/healing Shaman. (And I’m sure my hunter would benefit too.)

    Otherwise, like Valis said, X-Perl is a pretty nice addition. I’m mostly Ace, but just can’t ditch X-Perl for AGUF or Pitbull.

  • Thanks, Nibuca. I’ll have to check some of those out, especially AuraMap.

    On your advice, I’ve installed the Grid/Clique combo, but I can’t make myself turn off the default unit frames and use it as my primary interface. I just feel like I’m missing information and that I’ll miss something important because I’m sooo much less familiar with the Grid display. As Valis, recommends, I’m seriously considering X-Perl. I think Clique will work with it, so I could get the Clique benefits without feeling blind.

    I’m considering switching from Titan to FuBar, just because of the Ace Updater, but I’m not too worried about it. I haven’t seen any compelling reason to switch.

    I really need to look into some form of improved button interface, but I’m not sure which one. I worry that I’ve played for so long that I’ll break a lot of muscle memory if I change the interface too much (hence my gimpitude with respect to Grid).

    You *must* set up a loot master for those Kara runs. Loot rolls in the middle of timed clears are baaaad. The first two things I do when I set up a Kara raid are to promote a good rogue to assistant to mark up targets and to promote someone I know has bag space to loot master.

  • Nibuca

    I have to plead ignorance here.. I’ve never used any sort of unit frame besides Grid. What info are you getting with these other unit frames that you don’t get with Grid?

    I went with grid mainly because I could save screen space.. and because it shows me who has aggro. I can’t see everyone’s buffs/debuffs, but the ones I care about (poisons, magic, diseases) show up in the middle of the button with an icon and a “ding” for me to cleanse. I can’t see their mana.. but if they get low on mana I see a little blue dot in the bottom that tells me they are low. If someone’s cursed I see a purple dot in the upper-right-hand corner. I can’t do anything about it.. but I can call it out for the mage to clean up. If someone is out of range they’re brick is more transparent making it obvious.

    What am I missing?

  • You’re not missing anything. Like I said, it’s my limitation, not Grid’s. I’m accustomed to seeing health bars, mana bars, rage bars, energy bars. I’m not accustomed to seeing indicators only when those bars are lacking. I think it would work well for me if I could retrain my brain to quickly register the information as presented by Grid. In principle, I like that it shows nothing when there is nothing to worry about. In practice, during frantic healing and moving and cleansing during the Prince or Aran fights in Kara, my reptile healing brain takes over, and I need that old familiar interface I’ve been using to heal for so long. I keep both on screen, hoping that Grid’s paradigm will begin to seep in.

  • drakesilver

    How do you make bartender change buttons on click? I would really really like to have a city, out of combat, and combat button sets so I don’t have as much screen space taken up with buttons. I do the auto-hide for several of the panels but that’s not enough.

    Drakesilver on perenolde

  • Nibuca

    Open bartender and uncheck “lock” all the button bars show up in green/red. Right click on the button bar you want to change and choose.. um.. Modifier (I think). Then choose which bar you want shown when a modifier is pushed.

    For example: Button bar 1 is in the bottom left-hand corner of my screen. When I push CTRL that button bar flips to show button bar 2. When I push ALT that button bar flips to show button bar 3.

    The “flips” are related to modifiers I’ve pushed.. not to my location or state.

  • I was wondering if your found any “Trinket Addon” that still works and works well.

    I used to use “Trinket Menu” for the longest time and worked quite well easily. As of back in patch 2.2 upgrade it hasn’t work at all since. Wondering if you know a good one that works well?

  • Nibuca

    I use a couple of macros I documented here:

    I couldn’t find a trinket addon that played nice with outfitter so I just use the macros.