This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Guild of One

My recruiting has had good results. One of two friends has bought the game and started her account. Yesterday she played a new mage up to level 10. When I logged on I joined her with Obliette, my 20 druid.

It’s weird going back to playing a druid after not for so long. Pretty much I played Obliette up to 20 to get cat form.. and then wandered off to play other toons without really testing out kitty form. I’d complained that leveling a druid was painful. Well it’s confirmed, with kitty form it’s way less painful. It put alot of “Rawr!” into the game. Rxni, the new mage, and I played for about two hours.

After she logged off I convinced guildies to log on alts to sign my guild charter to have a guild of one for after 2.3 comes out. I got my guild-of-one and three other guildies got their own individual guilds. It was a little weird to see 10 unguilded toons standing in a circle around the guild master. Just odd.

My new guild is called “Learn To Play”. It has two purposes:

1. Expand the slots of “bank” available to me. I’m willing to pay the 100g in order to consolidate my cloth bank, food bank, flower bank and enchanting mats bank into one toon instead of 4 toons.
2. I’m hoping to use the guild name and start teaching classes on the server. Things like “Chain Trapping for Hunters”, or “Learn To Tank” I’m not sure how it will be greeted by the server.. but I want to give it a try.

Then I played with my UI. I know.. it seems weird to post my “State of the UI” and then spend a night twiddling the UI.. but posting the picture made me examine it.. and in examining it I found things I wanted to change.

Jim’s Cooldown Pulse is -cool-. Definitely adding to the addon list. I’ll probably do a review in the next few days.

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  • Been a busy last week, but last weekend i took my Money Manager Banker Alt (Warlock) and created a guild expressly to unify all my alt character banks into one central bank with the new guild banks in 2.3.

    Was a pain trying to get lowbies in Eversong Woods to sign my guild charter even though i was giving anyone that signed it 1g a piece. It took me over an hour filling up general chat looking for signers and lowbies barely jumped at 1g. That was a lot of money back in my lowbie days when quest was barely giving silvers. But i got my alt 1 man guild ready to use as just a guild bank but i gave it a good guild named: Legion of Armageddon