This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

The time in between

In combat:

Seal of Whatever (probably Righteous if the mob’s going to die quickly)
Judgement (starts 8 second cool down)
Holy Shock (starts 15 second cool down)
Seal of Righteousness.
If it’s a demon, Exorcism (starts 15 second cool down)
***Wait 6 seconds
Judgement (starts 8 second cool down)
Seal of Righteousness.
***Wait 8 seconds
Repeat from GO:

I’m looking at the wait time.. there’s 6 seconds.. and then 8 seconds.. of just staring at the screen. I suppose I could cast heals in there… but the mob gets free hits. During that time I have NOTHING I can do offensively.

That just sucks.

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3 comments to The time in between

  • You can spend that time reading zone chat or answering

    For me i’m usually busy looking around to see what other mob is around i can try and drag into the fight to make it more fun as long as its not a caster.

  • gt

    I use that time to camera around for where other mobs are in the area and get ready to make a B-line for the next nearest or guide this one further away so I can kill it in peace… etc etc. Oh… I also watch bad Japanese drama television or listen to podcasts… Though my foremost opinion is lively guild chat is made for those pockets of seconds. :D