This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Hunter Healer

New Draenei hunter is now named “Nocc”. I wanted “Nock” (the split on the back of an arrow that keeps it on the bowstring) but that wasn’t available. Friday I was sick. Hacky cough, sore throat, no going to work. I spent the day drinking tea with a blanket across my knees.. gnoshing on pot pie while playing with my new addon (Tourguide) and leveling Nocc. My NE hunter was level 21. I didn’t feel comfortable deleting the Night Elf until I had an equivalently leveled hunter. I figured this would take a few weeks. HAH!

Fiancee has fridays off.. so he decided to start a new alt with me. He started a druid and we began leveling up together. We made 10 on Friday, 19 on Saturday and 22 on Sunday. We also did Deadmines twice on Sunday. Yes, we did nothing but play all weekend. Well, honestly I also did two loads of laundry. Oh.. and drove across town on Sunday to break into a friend’s van.

Last night I logged into Tikah (NE Hunter), stripped her naked, mailed everything off and deleted her. As an aside, a race that has a blue/purple skin tone with dark blue hair should -NOT- wear yellow underwear. It was a little bit painful deleting a level 20+ toon.. but the free Draenei heal and the +1% to hit just make the Draenei superior to the Night Elf.. and really, what do I need two hunters for?

It’s interesting changing from a healing role (Tatia the Paladin) to a DPS/CC role. Although I understand the concept of chain trapping.. it’s a lot harder in practice. I’m doing fairly well at managing my aggro.. but I really need to work harder at it.

Fiancee is very excited about playing a druid. This will be his first non-DPS toon. He’s enjoying the tanking and says he’s gotten a better understanding of why our warrior tank is so twitchy in instances and will sometimes pull before the rest of the party is ready. More rage good.

He and I spent a lot of time on Friday/Saturday playing as a couple. Once he got it, he spent almost all his time in bear form. This worked out fairly well.. but when things went bad we really missed not having a healer.. in fact, I’m getting a kick out of having Nocc act as his healer. Hunter healer (Gift of the Naaru) for the win.

The levels are flying by very quickly.. I -love- Tourguide. This quick grind over the weekend puts us in the perfect position to take advantage of a lot of the changes coming in 2.3. Whee.

[Edited to add:]
Forgot to mention.. for her first (and currently only) pet, Nocc tamed a Ravager. Big and red. So far I’ve had 4 random people ask me where I got the Ravager. Best thing ever.. named him “Bug”.

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2 comments to Hunter Healer

  • Sounds cool. I would think having a Hunter that can DPS/Tank and heal as a Draenei makes a lot of sense.

    My 23 Hunter does have a Ravager pet named from Azuremyst got him when i was level 11. He’s a keeper. Afterall i had to endure going all that way to get him. However i don’t play him much. But may have to pull him out to start doing mining for my Epic Mount fund.

    I recently started a Druid, they are a bit interesting to play. So far its Feral though the Balance play is fun. Druids seem way powerful that my Paladin was at that level in Bear form.

  • Kestrel

    Dunno how much advice you want, so feel free to skip or delete this. :)

    If you’re pulling aggro off your pet, a couple things you can do: First, a threat meter such as Omen, to tell you when you’re getting close to being George. Second, give your pet a LOT of Stamina so it can stay toe-to-toe with the mob for a long time. Finally, be chary with your specials. No need for Aimed Shot every time it cools down: Your role is to provide massive sustained ranged DPS, not burst (see Druid, Balanced (e.g. Boomkin)).

    Throw a scorpid shot on the target (so it can’t beat up on Bug as hard), follow with a Mend Pet, then auto shot with Arcane thrown in as it cools down (unless you’re close to pulling aggro from your pet).