This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Fire Resist Set

*sigh* I don’t want to get fireballed to death at the end of Heroic Ramparts. Must get fire resist set. Full resist (75% damage reduction) would be 365 fire resist.

[Flamebane Bracers] 497 AC +15 Sta +28 Fire Resistance (Blue Socket (Socket Bonus: +2 Parry Rating)) – 6x Fel Iron Bar, 3x Primal Water, 2x Primal Fire

[Flamebane Breastplate] 1164 AC +19 Sta +40 Fire Resistance (Blue, Yellow, Red (Socket Bonus: +4 Defense Rating)) – 16x Fel Iron Bar, 6x Primal Water, 4x Primal Fire

[Flamebane Gloves] 722 AC +21 Sta +30 Fire Resistance (Blue, Yellow (Socket Bonus: +3 Parry Rating)) – 8x Fel Iron Bar, 4x Primal Water, 4x Primal Fire

[Flamebane Helm] 930 AC +19 Sta +40 Fire Resistance (Blue, Red, Yellow (Socket Bonus: +4 Hit Rating)) – 12x Fel Iron Bar, 5x Primal Water, 3x Primal Fire

3 piece set bonus: Increases your parry rating by 20.

42x Fel Iron Bar
18x Primal Water
13x Primal Fire

Gem and enchant for Int and +healing.

[item]Formula: Enchant Cloak – Greater Fire Resistance[/item] +14 Fire resistance – 3x Nexus Crystal, 8x Large Brilliant Shard, 4x Essence of Fire – Cenarian Circle Friendly

Work in progress… I think this gets me to ~50% resist.

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2 comments to Fire Resist Set

  • Only just started tanking in Outlands so tell me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that the boss who rides the dragon hits quite hard – wouldn’t going at him in a full set of fire res gear make you a bit squishy?

  • Nibuca

    For regular Ramparts the fire resist set isn’t really necessary. I made up this list for Heroic Ramps. At the time I was finding that the very last fight was a PITA and my Holy Pally was dying in 2-3 blows to the dragon’s breath.