This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Great Green Ravager

After Kara I played Nocc for a while. Earlier yesterday I’d looked on Petopia and decided I’d rather have the green Ravager than the red/orange one. It has Gore 3… but mostly because it matches my hair. :)

These Ravagers are level 16-17 and have a nasty swipe that knocks you off your feet and makes it very hard to tame them.

In order to tame this one I dropped an ice trap, backed up from it, waited for the 30 second cooldown to go away… shot the Ravager once to pull it into the ice trap (See hunter macros). Dropped another ice trap and then started taming. The first trap broke.. and the Ravager ran towards me and hit the second ice trap. By the time the second ice trap broke I had him tamed.

I will call him Bug. Because it’s so appropriate.

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3 comments to Great Green Ravager

  • You could always name him “Booger”. You know… because he’s green. :)

  • Ravagers are just the coolest pets. They not there to look cute and cuddly, one look says i’m here to ravage and bring death so don’t mess with me. Got to love a pet like that. That’s why my Hunter has one his name is Ravve. My other two pets are the Ghost Wolfs from Ahsenvale and got a Boar for tanking pet. Love all those 3 pets.

  • Valis

    One of our hunters has one named Prickles. Prickles is very much a part of our guild-family.