This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Hrm moment…

Had one of those yesterday. Fiancee (on his druid tank) was AFK following Nocc.. and we were just killing things. The others in our group were occupied and I saw a mob pop. I sent Bug in with growl on. Ploinked it with a Sting, then Arcane Shot.. then a couple of auto-shots…

In order my thought were:
– Oh crap, I pulled aggro off of Bug.
– Hey, the mob’s shooting me with his bow. Bet I have better DPS than him.
– Look at that.. Bug’s moved to be behind the mob.
– Hrm. Guess the mob can’t block him now.

So I guess the “move behind the mob” is working.

Hrm.. now that I read over the above.. it doesn’t seem very entertaining. Oh well.. welcome to “Random views into my head” featuring .. randomness.. and fluff. Please expect more posts of this type.. including “what kind of cheese goes best with Kara” and hard-hitting features like “I think Murlock soup is immoral”. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out my current project “Tanking as Holy: Who cares about uncrushable?” and post something -actually- interesting.

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3 comments to Hrm moment…

  • gt

    I was wondering how that was working. How fast did Bug go? did he go all the way around or just to the side? Did he begin to move the second you pulled aggro and did his moving mean lots of not attacking?

    And how is Murlock soup immoral? :O That one does sound interesting.

  • Nibuca

    I think Bug missed 1-2 strikes. But it was actually very fast.

    Murlock’s are sentient beings. They fish.. they have fires.. they live in huts.. it is immoral to eat sentient beings.

  • Valis

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