This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Flattering.. but no.

So.. Um.. Hi. It has come to my attention that people read this thing ;)

A few days ago Fiancee (who is also head of our Alliance side guild) turns to me and said “Babe, you’ve got to deal with this.” He then declared to the guild (on ventrillo) that I’d created a “situation” with my blog.

Situation? Yes. That was the word he used. It seems that there are people is at least one person reading my blog who think that West Kingdom (as a guild) sounds like a pretty nifty place. So they sent an in-game-mail to Fiancee (the GM of WK guild) saying that they read my blog.. and they’re thinking of transferring servers and they’d really like to be part of our guild.

Our guild.. West Kingdom? We can barely field a single Kara group.. and have only recently made it off the first floor of Kara… Are you sure you’re sending email to the guild master of the right blog?


See.. now here’s the rub.. West Kingdom guild has hidden and yet very stringent prerequisites. I hadn’t mentioned them before now because it’s never really been important.. but anyway, we do have these hard-and-fast requirements:
1. Everyone in the guild has to play in the SCA AND
2. we have to know and like them.

SCA: Society for Creative Anachronism. A non-profit educational group focused on studying and recreating medieval times.

Yes, we are those geeks. You know.. the ones who get dressed up in medieval clothes and veils and go camping at the local fairgrounds. In addition to raiding Kara I can sew a mean tunic and cook a mean feast (my last feast served about 100 people and had 16 dishes in 3 courses). Our Kara runs are scheduled specifically so they don’t land on weekends… because often we’re camping (sca camping) on those weekends. Fiancee gets all dressed up in armor and beats on people with sticks. Yes. Those people.

So.. if you’re in the SCA.. then we just have to know you.. and like you. Feel free to drop by and see us at Estrella War. Fiancee and I are working as the West Kingdom (SCA Kingdom) land coordinators. We’ll be camped with House Hart and Hound (our SCA household). We’d love to chat with you.. and if it all works out.. maybe invite you to the guild.

Now for the why… SCA is an organization dedicated to studying and teaching about medieval times. The stereotypical SCAer is an idealist… who has a high degree of honor. We want to play (WoW play) with those types of people. We trust them more. And they are part of our other (life altering and all-consuming) hobby and understand when we say “Sorry, can’t raid this week, I’m in bardic bootcamp practicing songs for the All-Bards competition at October Crown”. It’s just how we roll.

If you’re still interested in our server (Khaz Modan) I recommend the guilds “Infamous” or “Guardians of the Flame”. “Infamous” is currently working on ZA and SSC.. “Guardians of the Flame” are working on getting enough members together to get through Gruul. West Kingdom is talking about grouping up with Guardians of the Flame to field a group for Gruul.

Oh.. or another good guild would be “We Pinch” … because they have a cool guildname ;)

** Yes, that is me in the picture. It was taken almost two years ago the first time I wore my Cranach gown (brown and gold dress based on paintings from 1530 by Lucas Cranach the Elder). From start to finish it took me six weeks to sew the dress. I first wore it for the Coronation of King Rolf and Queen Aurora. It’s my favorite gown.

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5 comments to Flattering.. but no.

  • I was laughing the whole time reading this on my IPhone at work. Interesting requirements to join.

    Interesting way to recruit your readers to your guild LOL. Never had anyone stop by my server to say they read my blog and say hi. That would just be too funny.

  • I don’t know why, but I find it funny. It’s almost like you guys are a clique in a clique. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great. Like minds tend to gravitate towards each other. And when you say something about a bard in guild chat, somebody doesn’t automatically assume you’re talking about another game. But… I guess it is a compliment to your good writing. :)

  • Nibuca

    Believe me, I -know- it’s a clique within a clique. It’s very hard to talk about “growing the guild so we can see higher level content” since we have such stringent requirements. I guess we’re resolved in that we have placed the emphasis on the quality of our players and not the quantity. Our numbers are slowly creeping up. It was only earlier this year that we finally hit the magic number 10 and were able to go into Kara. Since then we’ve added about 8 more players. Maybe by the time WoTLK comes out we’ll be able to field two Kara teams :) .

    It also leads to an interesting dynamic. I’ve heard of guilds that will not allow you to have alts. Our guild is very alt friendly. Since we have a limited pool of players (and we aren’t concentrating on the high-end content) we encourage people to level alts so that they aren’t pigeonholed into only playing one role in the instances. That way we can switch off Tanks/Healers/DPS so that (hopefully) no one gets burnt out on their role.

  • Methuselah

    Roger that.


  • For a different way to go about it… maybe you should start recruiting in SCA on the weekends. :)