This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Largess and the Guild Vault

West Kingdom did not have a guild bank before 2.3. If you wanted something and you knew someone else had it, you negotiated with them directly or set up an exchange in advance.

When I needed to make the highest level enchanting rod I borrowed 1 Primal might and 7 Greater Planar Essences from another player. I have a note about it on my board.. and as soon as I have it.. I’ll pay him back. But this wasn’t a guild transaction so much as a transaction between guildies. When I get gems at the beginning of each month I send them to a specific toon.. then when I need gems, rings or necklaces I ask him what he can do for me. Fiancee sends me his worthless green items for disenchanting. When he needs the enchants, if I have the mats, they’re free to him (if I don’t have the mats he usually buys the mats).

Now we have a bank and I’m puzzled how to use it. Technically I understand how it works.. but we haven’t really established the business rules.

Fiancee asked for initial donations to the guild bank.. but only from those people who have enough funds to afford the donation. He’s allowing people to pay for their repairs from guild funds.. but there isn’t a built in, re-occurring money maker for the guild.. so eventually the original bank contributions are going to be gone. People have put items in the bank. Everything from ore and gems to primals and motes. The standing rule is “pay 1/2 of AH price for the items you withdraw from the bank” or “put in equivalent to what you take out” but there’s no standing suggestion about what or when to contribute. I guess I’m just puzzled.

How have others handled this? What do you do for your guild bank?

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3 comments to Largess and the Guild Vault

  • Well I already said on my blog what I do with guildbank. I took my Alt banker toon and gave him his own guild and bought him his own bank. He’s a one man guild and he is the federal reserve banker for it . I send stuff there to be stored and anything that needs selling he sells it. So just a one man guild bank. Too bad I need more space. But since I’m working on epic mount funds I’m not buying anymore tab space to now.

    In my new guild I know they have a guild bank i glanced at it once. However I never use my new guild bank on my main. I neither use it for repair funds or deposits nor I draw anything from it. Since my alt toon as his own thais what I use to store stuff. I always have funds for repair so that’s never a issue. To me there can never be any drama for me that way to deal with.

  • Nibuca

    I understand that entirely. In the first case your guild-of-one isn’t really functioning as a Guild Vault. It’s additional storage for you. YOu don’t have to worry about someone abusing it.. or all the primals being frittered away on sell-for-profit items instead of make-for-upgrade items. It’s all you and your stuff.

    It’s the “share with others” part of guild banking that I’m wondering about.

  • Valis

    We’ve set it so that only guild officers can withdraw. Everyone else can ask an officer. It just limits the number of people who can decide to ninja the bank. There’s 7 of us and someone’s almost always on. If one of my fellow officers decides to roll over on us we’ve got bigger problems than a few hundred gold worth of stuff. And I’m pretty sure none of them would be the type to run off with the stuff even if we were to have some sort of inexplicable core guild drama.

    All deposits are 100% voluntary, and everything in there is first come, first served. I had a similar issue where I was sending cloth to one person, gems to another etc. If I got a signet, mark, tome or armorment, I’d ask who needs ‘em in /g. Now I just drop it in the guild bank. Makes my life easier.