This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Where’s the war?

Way back on my first character (who was -not- Tatia) I quested in Elwynn forest and eventually moved into Westfall. I read all of the quest text and paid attention to the story. At some point I got a quest sending me to Westfall.. and I remember reading about some NPC commenting how Westfall is overrun with Defias because everyone else has gone off to the war. At the time I wondered what level I’d have to be to catch up to the war front.

I kept thinking, maybe it’s in the next zone.. maybe suddenly I’ll stumble across the warfront.. Horde NPCs facing off with Alliance NPCs.. a huge battle.

I’ve never found the front.. in fact at this point I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. It’s just an unsatisfying answer.

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1 comment to Where’s the war?

  • The elite guards of flightpaths/towns in contested areas and the NPCs inside some battlegrounds (well ok, AV) are the only real signs of a war.

    AFAIK, the Alliance and Horde have a fragile peace after the third war with some skirmishes (the various PVP zones and world PVP) by the more hot-headed individuals on both sides.