This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

10 Awesome Paladin Tricks

Completely contradicting my “One Trick Pony” post. Here’s a list of 10 Awesome Paladin Tricks.

  1. Pally taunt is the bomb!
  2. Your bubble will remove curses and magical effects. Use it to get out of sheep/fear/garrot.
  3. With careful macro-ing, even tanks can bubble to remove curse/garrot/fear without fear of losing aggro.

    /cast divine shield
    /cancelaura divine shield

  4. Blessing of Protection on the AOEing mage after he draws aggro is way faster (and effective) than any of your heals.
  5. As healer: Pally taunt + Hammer of Justice is way better than letting that baddie beat on the shadow priest. At best it’ll give the tank 6 seconds to pick up the baddie.. at worst it will make it so the baddie is hitting the person with more armor. (less damage to heal)
  6. In solo: Bubble + bandage takes less mana than bubble + heal. Use bandages to save mana.
  7. In solo, you have three “lives” to kill something. Just don’t panic. Fight it until you get low on health, bubble+bandage back to full, fight it until you get low on health, lay on hands, fight it until you get low on health, BoP+run away.
  8. In PVP, put Judgement of Wisdom on pets and whack on them to get mana back.
  9. Pally heals have low aggro for a reason.. Even if you’re healing in most fights you can be throwing out a Seal/Judgment.
  10. Crusader Aura doesn’t stack with [Riding Crop] don’t buy one. It’s not worth it.
  11. When tanking Shattered Halls, be sure to be the first person to pass through the instance gate. Run forward and grab the overseer immediately, before all the grunts are in place. After the overseer is dead run straight down the hallway to the first turn grabbing all the mobs on the way while sending “/p I’m a fish, I’m a fish” Shattered Halls is PERFECT for pally tanking if you’re moderately well geared it should be a breeze.. the party chat is just because it’s fun ;) (especially if you know the whole story)

Ok.. I guess technially that’s 11.. but the last one is not really a trick so much as a strategy. Anyone have any others to share?

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4 comments to 10 Awesome Paladin Tricks

  • Skullkrusha

    See…most top ten lists stop at 10, your’s goes to 11. Ya see? So your’s is one better, isn’t it?

  • Nibuca

    yabut.. I actually started it as a top 25 list.. but got stuck at 11 :|

  • gt

    This is a bit draenei specific but I find that I can squeeze in casting Gift of the Naaru as soon as my bandage ends while still under the Divine Shield. Its just a little extra, but it has saved me when I accidentally tag an elite in the wild that I I probably shouldn’t have.

    Good list :D

  • Flaime

    The specific reason Pally heals have low aggro is because pally tanks were using them to maintain aggro while tanking. Blizzard thought this was too great an aggro advantage over Warriors and Druids, so they reduced the threat pally heals generate. Specifically to bring Paladin threat generation back in line with Warrior threat…(Druid threat is still totally nerfed…the bastages).