This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Have Some Consideration

Monday and Wednesday are West Kingdom Kara Raid night. We start at 9 PM. At 9 you should be repaired, have buff food, have pots/elixirs/flasks and be ready to go. This is the ideal.

Last night we did not meet the ideal.. or rather all but one person in the raid met the ideal. Gongniu, the tank logged off shortly before 8:30 with a “brb”. At 9:00 EVERYONE else in the raid was standing in front of the summoning stone in front of Kara. At about 9:15 his wife popped into ventrilo to say he’d “Be right there”. At 9:30 I became pissy and checked /lfm to see if we could get a pug tank. Wife again assured us that he’d be right in. At 9:45 he finally logged in and we immediately summoned him. He said he’d need another summon since he still needed to repair. He didn’t even bother to apologize.

I was FURIOUS. I’d just spent a whole hour standing around in front of Kara waiting for his lame ass to bother to show up for a freaking raid that started at 9. How do others deal with this? WK has no DKP nor raid points.. so we have no way to punish him expect to continue to be pissy at him. GRRRR!

After he showed up we had a great run through Kara. We downed Attuman in 14 minutes. Then we one-and-a-half shotted Moroes (everone but 3 people died and we had to reset the event. But we got it on the second try). Then we one shotted Maiden. If we’d had that extra hour we could even have made an attempt at Opera *sigh*. Nothing dropped for me.. I didn’t even get a void crystal. Kara hates me. I think I’m just resolved to learn from Kara and get my phat lootz from heroics.

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5 comments to Have Some Consideration

  • Blackheart

    This used to happen in my guild alot. Nothing is more frustrating then sitting in front of an instance waiting for the one person who isn’t ready. We fixed the problem by stating that raid time is the time of the first pull. Be there early. If you aren’t in the raid group we will look for replacements.
    I know that guild runs are the best, but be honest, it’s not fair to make 9 people wait for one. You have a friends list filled with people that would love to have that spot. Life comes first, if you have to deal with RL issues, fine deal with them, but understand that there are other people with limited time they can raid.
    The first week we did this, we caught some flack from the people that log on after the raid time and ask to be invited, there were no spots left. But now that people know the “rules” things run much smoother. In fact last week we started 1/2 hour early because everyone was at the stone waiting.
    Not that we are inflexable. If you know you will be a few minutes late, we will hold you a spot, if you let us know. Just make sure that your toon is repaired and sitting outside, because we are pulling our way to Attuman.

  • I agree with Blackheart somewhat, and that’s fine if you’re just at the first few bosses in Kara. A PUG tank probably has the armor to take on those first few bosses. The problem becomes when you have people that are indispensable, and they know it. For example, if you’re taking on Gruul, you probably have to wait for the guild tank or tanks that aren’t there. Outland blues or greens just won’t cut it. But yes… if you set the expectations of a certain time, people will generally conform. And who knows? You may find a stellar tank that wants to join you from that PUG.

  • Bloody primadonna tanks!

    Well here’s hoping that by opening your guild’s doors somewhat, you’ll be able to get more tanks in. At the moment, he can get away with it because he’s all you have but if you get a couple of eager and willing tanks who show up on time, then it might make him a little more conscientious,

  • Bunnyfer

    I feel for you…I had the EXACT same issue last night. We were not a Kara raiding guild, but that does not mean if you commit to a time…BE THERE. This guy was online, but basically ignoring me. Our 7p run didnt start till 8:15. I plan to rant about it in my blog today..

  • Yup – if they aren’t there at the start time, replace ‘em. Nothing will get people to readjust their priorities quicker.

    If you can’t replace them, exclude them from the next run.

    (Obviously, if a rl crisis came up this can’t be helped….. so be prepared to have some leniency.)