This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


A couple of friends recently joined us playing WoW.

V said “oh, the alliance are the good guys and the horde are the bad guys”. I contradicted.. I believe the horde vs. alliance is kind of like Repubican vs Democrat (I’m not going to say who’s which though). It’s a political difference. That said, I can remember when I thought horde==evil. I can remember choosing alliance because I didn’t want to be a “bad guys”. By the time I learned differently I already had several Alliance characters in my 20s and was associated with an established guild.

I wonder if that’s why alliance population is so much bigger than horde population.

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6 comments to Faction-ating

  • Whatever you say about the politics, the Horde races are those people would consider traditionally monstrous (Orcs, Trolls, Zombies, Minotaurs), and therefore those with an FRPG background, or those drawn to more conventional asthetics would tend to lean towards the Alliance.

    The whole point of Blood Elves, iirc was to give the Horde a “pretty” race, even if their whole backstory is pretty amoral.

  • Now I’m horde. And I’m slightly biased towards the orcs.

    I agree that its more of a political difference.

    The enslave other races, slaughter innocents, consort with dark powers, have undeniably evil people in positions of high government.

    The however try to make peace with the land around them, have a leader who has tried to repair relationships between the two races, and are working hard to hunt down and destroy those who do evil in their nation.

    Race 1 is the humans, race 2 is the orcs. Now I’m sure a tuskless human could come up with some arguements for why there is some good in their people and how we shouldn’t kill all of them but who is the good guys? I’m not sure its them ;P.


  • Dangit I keep forgetting that “

  • Wrenzo

    I’ve heard people say that they play Alliance strictly because the toons are “prettier”. That’s pretty sad. I remember a conversation I had with a lowbie in Darnassus. I was there with my Gnome Warlock and he kept asking me why I would ever choose to play a Gnome. He was flummoxed and that’s not something you see everyday. I explained to him that I chose a Gnome because they had the highest Int and at the time I thought that was a pretty good reason. He kept saying “yeah…but it’s just so ugly”.


  • Hmmm, well lets see…..which one is good or evil is debatable to no end i’m quite sure because neither side is going to give in on that debate so will throw that one out the window.

    My Story: I was playing Secondlife when TBC came out and a great friend of mine in that game been pestering me to try out this game called WoW. So finally i siad ok will try it out. So i rolled on her server on her faction side. This was 3 days after TBC came out on trial account. So i rolled a Human Paladin. Just starting out doing quests as lvl 1-5 or so in the starting zone there was all this dueling and was a constant raid on the starting zone. They were all alliance players in their teen levels in raids. I was constantly been challenged to duel and getting my ass kicked. It sucked and why as a low level was i been dueled made no sense. I barely understood the game as it was. It seemed quite a bit childish and especially looking at the zone text log. I got sick of it! Yes i really did.

    So i eventually quit alliance and rolled a Horde to see what they were like. I never had that problem on Horde and the play mentality was different also. Roll forward today. I don’t play alliance at all. Every one of my characters are all Horde. I’m dedicated Horde. As for which one is evil i’m sure you can only guess.

    I guess i would say “For The Horde!”

  • I played alliance for three years, and didn’t have an opinion on the communities one way or the other, but I did always content with the problem of a full ignore list.

    Fast forward to now… I have rerolled Horde, and the first thing that jumps out at you… When you ask a question or ask for help on horde side, people race to help you. Same situation on alliance would earn you scorn and ridicule.

    I tend to think the reduction in population and constant assault from the alliance zerg has formed the Horde into a more unified society.