This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Demonic Hussy, you’re the one…

My little warlock, Lilac, is getting up there. I almost hit 50 this weekend (would have too except that a migraine sent me to bed). Instead I got to 49.5. Tourguide has done me good. In the late 30′s it had me pickup [Nifty Stopwatch]. Tatia never got that. In my late 40s it had me complete the sprite Darter questline. Horray for nifty pets. That (as an added bonus) flutter around at shoulder height on a gnome. I think I will name her “Spiffy”

I think that somehow I missed it when I trained in Deathcoil. I was reminded yesterday that I should have picked it up in my 40′s.. but I don’t have it bound to a key. I’ll have to go back over my spell book and pull it out to a key. I know I haven’t used it yet.. and supposedly I got it at 42.. hrm.

Killing has become a little rote.. nearly every fight is Immolate, dot, dot, dot, dot, tap, tap, drain life, drain soul. Most of the time it works beautifully. They die and I’m at 80% life/mana. Lately though I’m constantly pulling aggro off my voidwalker. I understand that it’s to be expected (I’ve read about it in the forums).. but it’s a bit annoying. I don’t intend to be hit by the mob.. it ruins my durability and makes me end the fight at 80% health instead of 100% health. Being hit just makes me cranky.

I really hoped that when I bought the newest Torment book at 48 that the situation would improve.. but no, I’m still constantly dragging aggro off the void walker. I’m half tempted to change over to using my Succubus instead. If I’m going to drag aggro onto myself anyways.. she has higher DPS than the voidy.. So in theory the baddy would die faster.

I suppose that since she’s less durable that I should pull aggro onto myself.. then have her attack them from behind.. hrm.. don’t love that idea… It sounds like a squishy warlock getting squished instead of her minion.

Better idea: Succy attacks and draws initial aggro. Immolate, tap, dot, dot, dot, dot, tap, drain life. Somewhere in there the mob loses interest in her and starts attacking me. Drain life and then Drain soul at the end.

The drawback here is that both Succy and I will need to heal up after the fight.. and Succy can’t suck shadows. *sigh* You know if any of my demons was going to “suck shadows” I really would have expected it to be the demonic hussy.

Her skills; Seduction, Lesser Invisibility, Soothing Kiss and Lash of Pain are less helpful than voidy’s skills(Torment, Suffering, Consume Shadows and Sacrifice). If only voidy held aggro. I wonder if I can use scrolls on voidy and increase his threat.

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4 comments to Demonic Hussy, you’re the one…

  • Ken Lydell

    BRK has some useful advice for those concerned about their pet’s ability to hold aggro:

  • Nibuca

    I saw that.. I’m ignoring it for now. His method requires me to take responsibility for recklessly ripping aggro off my voidy and treat my voidy like a walking talking tank instead of the evil vile hell spawn he really is. For now I’m just ignoring that train of thought and decided to whine instead :)

    Ok. Ok.. I saw that but haven’t had time to make a conscious note of how much threat each spell generates vs how much threat voidy can generate. Expect graphs in the next few days ;)

  • BRK

    For now I’m just ignoring that train of thought and decided to whine instead

    We totally need to send that to a warlock-friend of ours.

    /friendly wave


  • mbf

    As a ‘lock you have 3 main choices of how to grind on mobs and they’re very much based on the 3 trees.

    1. Affliction: drain tanking. DoT up, and with affliction talents your drain life spell doesn’t get interrupted so often. So many dots and dark pact for mana from your imp.

    2. Demonology: get yourself a felguard and stop worrying about aggro. He’s squishier than a voidwalker, but has great dps and holds aggro like a pro. You lose out on the optional spells from destro and afflic, but you get spell damage buffs and mana feed is great to keep your pet’s mana topped up to allow for continuous grinding. Playstyle becomes more like a hunter.

    3. Destruction: Nuke ‘em so fast they don’t get a chance to hit you. Note you’ll need to set aside a budget for water or have a friendly mage conjure you some.

    No matter what your build, you can always fear and laugh as they die from dots or simply kite them while reaplying instant dots (laughing maniacally all the time too) – improved corruption and curse of exhaustion help out a lot with kiting.

    OMG, put Death Coil on your bar right now and make hitting it a priority to get into muscle memory. It gives you just enough time to fear the mob un-interrupted while they’re still shrieking in horror, saving your precious cloth “armour” and skin.

    If you want to stick with the voidwalker, ignore the graphs, trying to manage your voidwalker’s aggro after about lvl 40 is a waste of time. Best you can do is send him in, give him a few seconds to taunt while you run to max range, then dot up and drain/nuke *when* (not if) you draw aggro so it dies before it reaches you (pretty much what you were talking about with the succubus).

    I’d also start with the longer-lasting dots such as curse of agony and leave immolation until last in your cast cycle. Immolation has a direct-damage component that’ll make the mob switch aggro sooner, so it’s nice to land it when you’re just about to get aggro anyway. CoA, Corruption (sl,ua if you have them) then immolate and tap, tap, drain life. If you’re heavy into affliction, you might switch in curse of shadow instead of curse of agony to power up your corruption, sl, ua, shadow bolts and drain life/soul. With this method the mob should die at your feet or very close, saving you the hassle of walking over to loot the corpse.

    If you’re heavy destruction in which case much depends on whether you have +fire damage gear or not. If you’re focusing on burnination, you’re on your own, it’s the only spec I haven’t played.