This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Voidy Threat

So it turns out that at 48 I actually got a new version of Suffering (group growl) not Torment. This means when Lilac hit 50 last night there was a shiny new book available to teach Krakgorg a bigger better Torment.

I didn’t get a chance to try this out though.. because I was leveling tailoring. Earlier this week Lilac dropped Alchemy in favor of Tailoring. The high level BOP crafteds are just too good to pass up. I’m currently at 344 and hope to get 350 later this week. Regardless.. I noodled on warlock vs voidy threat and want to share some graphs.

Here we have the basic graph of my Voidy’s threat. He has a small amount of white damage (32.6 DPS currently) and every 5 seconds he auto-casts Torment (300 threat). This makes his threat a slightly bumpy linear.

Torment is a shadow spell.. so I assume it is resisted at the mob’s shadow resist rate. This means Voidy’s actual threat is actually a bit lower than the graph.. specifically because some of his Torment’s can be resisted.. and some of his white damage can miss/be blocked/be parried/be dodged.

On the graph Voidy’s actual threat is the dark blue line. The deep red line is at 130% of Voidy’s threat. If I’m good and at range, I have to exceed 130% of Voidy’s threat in order to grab aggro. If I’m bad and standing too close then I only have to exceed 110% of Voidy’s threat (the teal line).

Voidy’s threat is unchanged.. the only things I can do to change his threat is to get more +fire/spell damage. This adds to voidy’s attack power and eventually to his white DPS. I’ve left out the threat from Suffering since I’ve turned it off auto-cast and only use it when I want voidy to hold 2-3 mobs on him. I’m not certain if my +spell adds to Voidy’s threat from Torment. At the moment it’s not an issue but it may be later on.

Here’s what our threat looked like at 49, before I got the new, upgraded, Torment. Lilac’s cast sequence: Immolate, Corruption, Curse of Agony, Siphon Life, Tap, Tap, Drain Life, Drain Life.

At about the second tick of the first Drain life Lilac’s threat would pass Krakgorg’s threat. She’d stay ahead of him for the rest of the fight until the mob died (the line peters off here in the graph since usually the mob would die at about second 20 and I didn’t include any other spell casts after the usual mob-dies-here time).

With the new torment Krakgorg stay’s comfortably ahead of Lilac on threat.. but in looking at the cast sequence I want to tweak it a bit.

– Immolate is currently my first spell cast. This is because it has a cast time and I’ve timed it so it hits the mobs just a voidy arrives. BUT since Immolate has a direct damage portion it can crit. Right now, if it crits OR if voidy’s Torment doesn’t land I pull aggro off the Voidy.
– Siphon Life is a very long dot. The longer it ticks the better it is for me (more heals for me.. less need to drain life). Right now it’s my last dot cast meaning it runs for the shortest time before the mob dies.

Here’s the updated graph:
Rotation: Siphon Life, tap, Curse of Agony, Corruption, Immolation, tap, Drain Life, Drain Soul.

This sequence give me plenty of room at the beginning of the fight for Voidy to miss a couple torments/white damage hits and still maintain aggro. It also keeps me at least a little bit below the 130% mark.

The only thing this doesn’t address is the addition of Unstable Affliction. I just got it an haven’t had time to play with it. This will need more noodling.

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