This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Melting Faces

Lilac is putting the smack down on Searing Gorge. She made big loops around the crater in the middle killing lookouts and steamsomethings trying to get a looking glass with a pitiful drop rate. She also had gotten her happy tanky-voidy back. With the new Torment he’s again holding threat (yeah Voidy). I’m fairly certain that if I had a decent amount of spell damage (ie, not 0) that Lilac would again be ripping aggro off of the Voidy.. but all-in-all I’m happier killing things in 20 seconds without pulling aggro than killing them in 10 seconds with pulling aggro.

Last night was the company Christmas party so I didn’t get to play until late. Then, other guildies asked if I needed Zuluhead the Whacked (which I did) so Tatia went there, did all the pre-quests and helped clear that group quest out of her logs. Someday Tatia will get an epic flying mount and be able to work on the Netherwing quest lines. This means that later on, at midnight, Lilac was about 30 mins from 51.. but I was starting to faceplant on the keyboard. So I went to bed.

When I went through Searing Gorge with Tatia I remember it being a fairly scary “it’s going to smash me” place. Either Lilac is visiting at a much later level.. or Warlocks are even more OP than I remembered. At one point last night I accidentally pulled three mobs. One mob was immune to all life-draining effects so it is fairly mana intensive to kill. Even with that.. the voidy died and I still had two mobs trying to kill me. I killed them both.. and still had enough mana to summon a new voidy.

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