This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

There’s no place like home…

Holidays.. I got in a lot of family time.. and very little WoW time. I’m ok with that. It is as it should be.

I did learn that I’m almost completely dependant on my Nostromo N52 and Bartender3. I’m gimped playing without them.

While in Montana visiting family I went over to my brother’s house. Brother logged onto his hunter. Hunter was dead. “You logged out dead?” I asked. He said that he’d died while doing dailies.. and had gotten really frustrated. The story was funner than that. While doing his bombing quest over Camp Terror (the one with all the fire elementals), Brother had gotten shot out of the sky and then died to combination of Flak Fire and demons. While running back to his body he “got distracted” (his words) and fell off of Ogri’La plateau (that’s the word for it.. right?). So.. he’s dead.. and trying to get back up to Ogri’La. Pretty sure he was screwed. As far as I know there’s no walkable path up to Ogri’La.

So I offered to log in Tatia and res him. It sounded like a good plan. Except that I forgot how ugly the default UI is.. and the fact that I can’t heal, fight, decurse, etc without my addons (I’ve got it set a certain way that’s addon dependant). Heck, I couldn’t even tell I was in combat because the normal indicators (HUD popping up) didn’t happen. So.. instead of triumphantly saving the day, I died once to a couple of demons. I res’d and -then- saved the day.. but it didn’t have nearly the triumphant ring I was expecting.

After that I logged out of Tatia (she’s too far gone.. I can’t contemplate playing her without the proper equipment and addons) and logged on Nocc, my hunter, instead.

Nocc without addons is possible..but I did have to quickly crank out some macros. Good thing I document almost everything on this blog ;) It was gimpy but I did get to play for a bit.

It was a vast relief to finally get home. I love my family.. but there’s a reason they live in Montana and I live in California ;)

I took a couple of the holidays to play Nocc. Originally I started Nocc and played her only with Fiancee’s bear tank. Unfortunately Fiancee isn’t loving the bear tank so he’s not terribly interested in playing. He’s given me permission to play Nocc without him. I took this opportunity to go on safari and to get a new Bite, Charge and Dash. At then end of the vacation she’s sitting at 33 and is totally out of rested xp.

Lilac also got a couple levels. She’s sitting at 55 and is making nice with the Timbermaw folks. Any minute now she’ll break on through into Winterspring and I expect she’ll shortly be in Outlands. She -still- needs to do Sunken Temple though. Must drum up a group for that.

Tatia has been mostly silent since the embarassing death-by-demons escapade. She -did- run a painful Heroic Mechanar.. but through a combination of rustiness and a tank with a little bitty health pool (12.5 is little bitty right?) made for big repair bills. She bounced back a bit last night in Kara. West Kingdom fielded a group. We 8-manned Attuman, 9-manned Moroes/Maiden, and had 10-manned with 3 tanks for Opera/Curator.

We were: Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Baldwyne (Protection Paladin), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Weaver (Holy Priest), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Raouen (MM Hunter), Spiralla (Shaman) and Odisia(Mage) through Attuman. Then we added Krullwyn (BM Hunter) for Moroes and Maiden. Then finally Amellea (Feral Druid) joined us for Opera/Curator. Amellea is spec’d to tank but it was felt that he would do more DPS as a cat than Baldwyne so Amellea was DPS for the run.

Our lack of DPS showed in Attuman. That kill took a very long time.. but not as long as I would have expected for 8-manning it. We had a lot fewer Dwarfs for Moroes which was sorely felt with all the garrotes going around (Stoneskin FTW). I’m pretty sure EVERYONE of the Night Elf Hunters got garroted. It took us two tries to get Maiden. For some reason the first time she and I had the exact same timer for my Blessing of Sacrifice.. so my BoS would run out almost exactly when she triggered the Repentance.

Opera was the Big Bad Wolf. It was my first time in that event. It wasn’t too bad.. well aside from getting turned into little red riding hood and dying at about half way through my circle around the stage. Gongniu suggested that we try strafing when running from BBW. That is.. hit Q to run left while facing forward. The wolf chases a point that is 20 feet in front of you so by strafing he’s actually chasing a point in the wall. I didn’t try that.. I think I’d have to practice that a lot before I’d be comfortable with it. As it was, I was still getting comfortable with jump turning… so.. although I died.. I think I learned a lot. Regardless only two people died and we were able to finish off the event (WK Guild’s first time finishing Big Bad Wolf).

We stopped by the outdoor area of Kara and I got to finish Medihv’s Journal quest and see the creation of Nightbane. We then made two attempts on Nightbane. It’s a long long fight. We didn’t beat him but we did get a good idea of what the fight entails. I think at our best we got him down to 60%. After the second attempt we decided to put off Nightbane until later and instead moved on to Curator.

We one-shotted Curator. I ran out of mana at the end.. but we were still able to get it down. Yeah us!

So, I hope you all had a very Happy Holiday!

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