This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Lilac 58

Last night Lilac hit 58 and high-tailed it for the Outlands. Then she high-tailed it back to the old world ;)

I’ve been carrying around two Warlock quests. One is to run Sunken Temple (which I still need to do) and the other was to gather Fel Essences so I could get the “Summon Infernal” spell. I had to get one of the three essence from demons right outside of the Dark Portal. It only took 3-4 kills to get the essence. So I killed to get the essence.. then passed through the portal (I mean it was -right- -there- How could I not?). I did a couple of the intro quests and then flew off to Shattrath and ported to Ironforge to get level 58 training.

From Ironforge I ran off to Felwood to turn in the Fel Essences. Impsy gave me a final quest.. to retrieve Kroshius’ Infernal Core, a group quest. Kroshius seems to be a dead elite infernal. You used the Fel Fire to reanimate Kroshius then you defeat Kroshius to get his Infernal Core.

I really wasn’t happy when I found out it was a group quest. We don’t have a large group of toons in the 50 range and I hate having a couple of 70s drag me through stuff. So I checked Thottbot and noted that people had posted ways to complete the quest without a group. Yipiee!

It took me three attempts to get it right. The first two times I accidentally killed Kroshius but wasn’t able to loot his core.

My method: Use Fel Fire to reanimate Kroshius. Send Voidwalker to attack Kroshius. Cast Curse of Shadows on Kroshius (to reduce his resistance to enslavement). Enslave Kroshius. Run down the hill and have Kroshius attack one of the green fiery elementals that are in the pools nearby.

Kroshius does -only- fire damage. The green fiery elementals are immune to fire damage. Allow the green fiery elemental to beat on Kroshius until Kroshius is at or below 10%. Banish the green fiery elemental. Summon your void walker. Kill Kroshius. Kill green fiery elemental.

After I figured it out, the fight took all of two minutes.

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1 comment to Lilac 58

  • Krullwyn

    Yeah so Ursidae (my druid) is also 58, also needs to do Sunken Temple, and also has done a few of the first quests in Hellfire. We should really get together and I dunno quest or something.