This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

When did -that- change?

Last night we ran a quick Shadowlabs. Still trying to get [Sonic Spear] for a couple of the hunters. At the end, in Murmur’s room one of the mobs charms someone in the group. It’s a magic debuff. I can’t cleanse it. When did that change? Seriously, since when can a pally -not- cleanse a magic debuff? *harumph*

Other than that SL non-heroic was cake walk. If the new 5-man Sunwell is on par with SL non-heroic I expect we’ll be able to trounce it readily. I’m kind of looking forward to tackling an instance where we don’t already know the strategy. :D

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4 comments to When did -that- change?

  • In all my SL tanking runs I have never recalled seeing that Spear ever drop.

  • You can’t Cleanse Mind Control or Charms, because Cleanse only works on a “friendly” target. And technically, your charmed friend is now a hostile.

    I just Hammer of Justice them. It’s oddly satisfying.

  • Daegothh

    Well my dear,

    Daegothh has always gone with you on those runs into SL… and he always was very efficient at counter-spelling those MC guys. I guess he was so good you didnt event know that they had that ability.

    “All will love me and despair!!”


  • mbf

    HoJ on the controller works – or used to. Also any other silence or stun spell should break the control. Or you could just kill it (the controller or the controlled – your choice :) …).