This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Shade bug in Kara

We ran into the wandering Shade bug in Kara again last night. Just before we engaged the first room of 4 shades I spotted a wandering shade and warned the raid that shortly we’d be mobbed by shades.

We killed the wandering shade.. and sure enought ~8 seconds later, 15 spell shades started streaming down the stairs at us. We ran.. some people actually made it out the door.. I wasn’t one of them. I died to arcane bolts through the floor while jumping the railing on the stairs leading down to the back door.

To be truthful, I probably would have made it except that right at the beginning of the run fiancee asked if I had fraps running.. so after I turned it on I keep trying to flip the camera to get a good view of the chasing shades.. instead of just running my butt out of there.

I looked over the footage.. and frankly it reminds me of the Blair Witch project. There’s glimpses of shades.. and a lot of running (there’d be screaming except I’d stopped recording sound earlier that night). All that’s missing is a closeup shot of Tatia’s face with a snot bubble while she blubbers about “they’re chasing me”.

I’m not planning to post it.. it’s just not a good example of “ah-hah! Exciting bug wipes raid.” Besides.. I’d like my first movie to be less humiliating.

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1 comment to Shade bug in Kara

  • Valis

    My favorite variation of this bug is ‘dissatisfied audience rushes stage’ after the Opera event. Everyone’s a critic!