This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
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LF Suggestion WRT Podcasts

podcastHi all,

Last week I remembered I had an MP3 player that I could use on my commute. The battery’s been dead for a long time and just .. well I kinda forgot I had it.

Anyway, I remember I had this MP3 player.. and someone mentioned that I should go listen to the WowInsider podcast. I did.. and it actually turned out to be pretty entertaining. So I’m looking for suggestions of other well done podcasts.

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4 comments to LF Suggestion WRT Podcasts

  • I’d recommend the Instance ( as my personal fave WoW podcast.

    I also listen to WoWChronicles and World of Warcast, 1UP’s Legendary Thread plus a couple of others which I can’t remember the name of (as I haven’t got my mp3 player to hand).

    I’d recommend checking out this link (\ for some others worthy of checking out.

  • Lazz

    My favorite podcast isn’t wow related. But it showcases all of the great independant Canadian musicians that are out there.

    Sharing the Canuck love. :D

  • I regularly listen to Casually Hardcore (also a WoW Radio program), 1Up’s Legendary Thread, and World of Warcast. I’m not that big a fan of The Instance for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, but I believe it’s the top WoW related show on iTunes.

    If you find one show on iTunes, you’ll get a lot of links to other shows, I downloaded pretty much 1-2 episodes of everything and then subscribed to what I liked.

    If you want non-WoW related podcasts, I can recommend a few of those, too. :)


  • Shylo

    Casually Hardcore –

    World of Warcast –

    Elunes Grace –

    Epic Dolls –

    I also listen to The Instance and WoW Insider

    Hope you enjoy them…