This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Warlock Epic Mount Quest

My Little DreadsteedAs sad as it is to say.. Lilac was 63 and still puttering around outlands on a slow demon pony. Well no more! Lilac’s got her dreadstead. I think I will call him “Spike”.

Step 1: Acquire goods. (2 Elixir of Shadow Power, 6 Large Brilliant Shard, 25 Dark Iron Ore, 3 Black Dragonscale and 1 Arcanite Bar)

Step 2: Get starter quest from the demon trainer.

Step 3: Goto Altar of Storms in Burning Steppes (from Thorium point, go through Blackrock Mountain, turn right when you get into Burning Steppes. Follow the road, you can’t miss him. He and his goblin buddy are left of the Altar. Be sure to buy the .. um.. shadow elixir (?) from the goblin. He sells you 3 for 6g. Be sure also to take 150g with you to Felwood.

Step 4: The first quest sends you to Winterspring and kill Owlbeasts for their blood. There’s a whole valley of these guys and then a cave that leads to ~4 more. Just kill them all. Very nice drop rate for Giant Eggs (sells for ~2g each). I got ~30 of them while completing this part of the questline.

Step 5: The other quest sends you to Felwood into Jaedenar Shadow Hold. Take one of the elixirs right at the entrance to the shadowhold and decend to the bottom. Just keep going. Evenually you’ll find a PitBoss who will give you a quest to kill an Orc you saw earlier. Kill the orc and anything else that aggros on you and then return to the PitBoss (you may need to take another of the elixirs). The PitBoss’s lackey will now sell you the necessary dust for 150g.

Step 6: Return to the Burning Steppes and turn in your quests so far. He’ll give you another quest to let an imp out in Scholo. Form up a group and get to the Alchemy lab. Let out the imp and complete that part of the quest.

Step 7: Return to the Burning Steppes and turn in your quests so far. He’ll give you another quest to trigger the imp in Dire Maul. You will also need at least one Warlock in the group who has the other 3 pieces that you can purchase from the Goblin (~250g to purchase). If a friend has them you can save your gold.

Step 8: Goto Dire Maul. Clear out the 5 pylons (be sure to grab the Immo’lothar quest). Defeat Immo’lothar (or whatever his name is)(the big two-headed demon dog/arcane battery for the Highbourne). Heal from that fight. Warlock with the goods needs to start the summoning. Defeat waves of imps/felguards while keeping the implements up (floating off the ground). Heal up. Summon fel pony and pit lord. Defeat them both. Complete quest.

For more details, check out Wowwiki’s guide (that’s what I did :) )

For the Horde:


/cast [modifier:shift] Summon Felsteed
/cast Summon Dreadsteed

Hold down shift to summon non-epic land mount. Otherwise summon Dreadsteed. When I get the flying mount I’ll amend it to the following:

/cast [modifier:shift] Summon Felsteed
/cast [modifier:ctrl][noflying] Summon Dreadsteed
/cast Summon {flying mount}

**Image drawn by Christine H and found on WowInsider

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3 comments to Warlock Epic Mount Quest

  • mbf

    Not sure if you can still do it, but when I did the pitlord part, I didn’t like being ordered around by a demon (usually goes the other way around with ‘locks).

    So, I dropped the disguise, enslaved him and had him kill the orc and guards himself.

    Then I killed the pitlord and his lackey afterwards. It’s funny how he didn’t have my 150g on his corpse – maybe they have one of those vacuum tube cash delivery systems hiding in the background.

  • Gratz, I was 61 before I finally got round to doing it.

    I had done the first part of the chain and bought the mats so long ago that when I went to hand them in they had nerfed the quantities so I had loads spare.

    Over Christmas Me, The Girlfriend and I (dual-boxing) took my warlock to DM to finally get his Dreadsteed. Warlock(61), Mage(70) and Pally(70).

    I made them mistake of not taking 8 million shards with me!! Had to wander round for a while collecting more shards after the first failed attempt! But we got there eventually.

    Next step 70 and I already have the gold on HolyWarrior to buy him epic talent straight away. Has to be done!

  • TeePee

    Grats!! Feels like forever ago I did mine, but it remains my favourite quest chain ever – no other quest before or since gave me that same sense of accomplishment…

    Love that image by the way, nice find.