This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Full of suck

West Kingdom spent all night clearing trash and attempting Aran. There was no win. Sad Pandas.

If it wasn’t death by arcane bolts, it was death by flamewreath or blizzard.. or flamewreath while elementals arrived.. and then mass sheep followed by fireball. It was a long very frustrating night.

The thing is, we had this. We’ve done the fight. We ‘get’ it… or at least we did. I just don’t know where all this suck came from. *sigh* WWS isn’t any help. There doesn’t seem to be a single thing that I can put my finger on and say “Ah-hah! That’s what it was. Fix that and the suck will go away.” No.. it was a lot of things. Lower geared alts in Kara bringing down the DPS. Braindeadness of people moving during flamewreath… or not moving during Blizzards. Dead squishies. All around suck.

The problem with all around suck is I don’t know how to get rid of it. It’s just frustrating.

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5 comments to Full of suck

  • Pellegri

    Just one of those nights. Once when our guild had some SSC/TK bosses on farm, we spent a whole night repeatedly wiping on Moroes unable to get him down because 2 or 3 people with downies.

  • Vyaaren/Vykor/Tykor

    Chin up. You will get him next time. He’s in the bag. It’s a cert.

  • Yup – bad nights happen. Shake ‘em off, and continue moving forward.

    Lasy Tuesday QSS barely cleared thru Hydross and Lurker (been on farm forever)…. this Tuesday we got 5/6 SSC in a single raid with almost exactly the same people. *shrugs* It happens. :P

  • Skarlarth

    Yup, it happens. Happened to us last night:
    No Warlock, check.
    Flamewreath, check.
    40%, check.
    Oh look here come the elementals! No everybody stand still and get pounded. 4 of us survivied the sheep and pyroblast but it was no use.

    Got him on the 3rd try though (we got a warlock). As our RL said it is the most capricious encounter in the Kara. Too much relys on luck. As BRK said: “Sometimes the game does hate you. Yes you. By name.”

  • I understand fully how you feel here.

    I’m finally now in Kara with the guild. Last night was our guild 3rd time in Kara as none of us has done Kara before either. On Friday night the first raid day this week we killed 5 bosses in one raid night including Curator on 3rd try.

    Last night we headed back to Kara and spent time clearing trash all way up to Aran. Oh by the way I remember you writing about the Shade bug before, we got that last night too. The entire room came runing it was a stampede and just kinda funny. Anyway our first attempt on Aran no one ever experiencing the fight before we got him to 56%. 2nd Attempt was about 38%, 3rd attempt was 23%, 4th attempt was 19%, 5th attempt was 17%, 6th attempt was 7%. On our last and final attempt because I really had to leave so I could get sleep to go to work we got him to less than 1% with Aran having less than 1500HP. Last person left alive was our Holy Priest with about 50% health. She died about 2-3 sec later. Uhhhh

    That last wipe hurt so bad it almost a nightmare. Seven attempts and Aran still lives. So yeah I feel ya pain as one the tank the other was the Warrior. I gave those seven attempts everything I had at 110% effort. Looking back at last night to see what all went wrong. Well we kept getting better on every attempt. After the first two fights most understood the fight in theory. So what went wrong?

    People moving during Flame Wreath. People not moving fast enough to avoid the Arcane Explosions when the get slowed. I tried to dispel that effect as fast as I could while moving to the wall when it happened. Not having enough classes that could keep Aran spells interrupted. On our last two trys we got a Rogue which helped. People dying in first 45 sec of fight all the time. DPS squishy dying early and constantly. We only had two healers a Priest and a Holy Paladin. People not having enough HP stamina for health. We had lots of Squishy’s with barely 7-8K health unbuffed. So they all got Kings on the fight to help survive the Pyroblast for 7.5k after the sheep. However we always lost people when that happened. I noticed the priest casting renew before that had happened help regen health while been sheeped. After sheep/ pyroblast we already lost half group. Other things noticed, few people were using any raid buff consumables. Only one person in raid were Flasked also that being myself with FoBL none even had a Elixir Buff active to help their DPS or for Buff. Few people had food spell or stamina buffs also.

    Coordination aside we could do better with execution and having right interrupts. Would all the other things have made a difference with consumables also he’ll yeah. In last night raid as the only person using a Flask I burned through (3) Flask of Binding Light and almost 2 bottle stacks of Superior Wizzard Oil. I used everything I could to ensure our group success with my spelldamage as the Paladin OT. So yeah in the end it was dam frustrating to see where problems are, asking your self where do we suck, finding out what we could have done better Or asking your self were you using enough consumables to ensure your guild success on progression content. It was a disheartening night effort on “Aran” to get him to less than 1500HP and he didn’t die. Damn Frustrating it is!