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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: What’s in a name?

Blog AzerothBlog Azeroth is an online community of Wow Bloggers. As part of the community we have a semi-regular feature called “Shared Topic” where one blogger proposes a topic and many bloggers who are part of the community respond to that topic. This is a response to: How did you come up with your character names?

NameYour toon’s name is almost the only way you can personalize your toon. You can only choose your looks to a limited extent.. but regardless of what you choose, you’re assured that there are probably hundreds of other toons that exactly resemble your toon. When you get to end game if you’re doing it right you end up wearing the same armor as everyone else in your class. If you’re a druid.. well you’ve looked like a bear since level 10. Lucky you. /sarcasm.

Your name hangs above you and is one of the few things you can personalize.

Your name is going to be the first think I use to judge you. If you name is “Islkhjdps” I’m going to guess you’re a gold spammer. If your name is “Snotspit” or “Slutatron” I’m going to suspect that you’re a ten year old and don’t know how to play your class.

There’s nothing more sad to me than to see a shadowpriest name “Healzmore” or a frost mage called “Drfiredeath”. It just hurts me.

So. My first toon ever. I was sitting in front of the character creation screen.. I impatiently choose a race, human.. picked rogue at the suggestion of fiancee and then stared at the name slot. Finally I typed in “Tika” It sounded nice.. and was the first thing I thought of. Unfortunatlly, “Tika” was already taken. Remember, I’m impatient.. I just want to get to playing already.. so with “Tika” blinking up at me from the screen I type.. “taka” on the end of it. Thus was born “Tikataka” my lowbie rogue. She’s currently 26 and acting as my bank toon in Ironforge. I just never really glommed onto the rogue class. I think it’s a combination of it not being the right fit.. and it being my first character. The pain, tears and suffering of my first character come back to me every time I try and play a rogue and I just can’t get past it. “Tikataka” isn’t a bad name per se.. but it is a mouthful.

My current main is “Tatia” the holy draenei paladin. Originally I wanted “Tatiana” but that was taken. I wanted something vaguely Russian and Tatia fits the bill.

My second main is “Lilac” the affliction warlock. Originally she was named “Ette” which is a beautiful visual word. “Ette” is a word ending that means essentially “little girl” (Majorette, minionette, etc). It amused me to have a little gnome warlock named essentially, “little girl”. Unfortunately when you say it out loud, “Ette” just sounds unfinished. So as I wrote here.. $10 later and she was renamed to “Lilac”. I also find that very amusing since the warcraft color for warlocks is a lovely shade of purple.

Two of my other toons have names that amuse me. My druid is named “Obliette”. An obliette is a french word meaning a small place you put things to forget them. It amuses me to have a neglected druid named “Obliette”. My horde-side Warlock is name “Entropy” as in “Entropy always wins”. -That- amuses me when applied to a warlock.

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6 comments to Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: What’s in a name?

  • zomg! i kekd at your anti-spam word. :D haha. :D good stuff, and you blog really well. my main’s name is iraya (a nelf druid) which means “mountain people” in our local language. i have a toon who’s kahpre (draenei shammy), come’s from our local folklore, a giant dude who smokes.

    i completely agree with you, i think it’s more interesting to see toons with well thought out names than pallypwner, kittensz. lol. it just doesnt seem right when the bosses are killed by lets say ipwndu.


  • Ess

    I mostly play on an RP server, so names like Slutatron really stick out. (I’m a name snob now.) Recently I rolled an alt on a normal server, and everywhere I turn, there is another of these. Recent notables include “Turdly” and “Fartsmell.”

  • Willma

    My main’s name is Willma, an undead warrior. 70 undead warriors are rare on my server (at least, I think I’m the only undead prot warrior). He was the second character I ever made in the game. My first was a human warlock…long story short, I hated the alliance and wanted to wear shiney, sweet-looking armor. The reason I named him Willma was because I played him as mainly arms- and there was nothing funnier to see a warrior charging into battle screaming “WILLMA SMASH D:<”. Ever since then, the name stuck. My second 70 is a Blood Elf warlock. I made him because…well…it was my other favorite class to play.

  • Leo Diogenes

    Okay, I gotta chime in…

    Daegothh… From a movie that I hate and will not acknowldege ever was made. The line is “Oh Dagoth, God of Gods” He was orginally a D&D character that I had alot of fun with. So, hes now a Gnome mage.

    Irongrimm… I originally wanted to name him Thorgrim, after one of the villians in “Conan the Barbarian”(may serve as a hint to where I got Daegothhs name). However, the name was taken, so he became Irongrimm.

    Magnisson… hehehe. So, Magnisson in the germanic means “Son of Magni” I decided I wanted to play the illegitimate son of King Magni. No one ever seems to get that.

    Khoss.. Everyone thinks it’s a spin on Chaos. But in truth, back in the day I would sign all my video game scores with the initials KOS. I was quite good at several games so I didnt want people to know it was me by signing my own initials. So, in a sense you can say it is my pen name for video games. Of note as well… Khoss is my Master Jedi on the once semi-great game Star Wars Galaxies MMO.

  • Okay, “Entropy” made me giggle. XD Reminds me of the way I tend to name my pets. (“Niels Boar”, for example)

  • AndrewJR

    This is a pretty funny post because there is nothing that frustrates me more than when I have to name a character. All the good ones are always taken. I always name my main character on any game AndrewJR. However, with my main getting to Kara and being limited to the once-a-week raiding, I decided to roll a Blood Elf mage on Runetotem (where I play mainly). I went through loads and loads of names. Everything good was taken. I was about to settle with something like FDIOAFJ. My main is a pally tank which cant really grind out drops or motes or anything due to slow kill speed. My mage will be for grinding for money. As I got about fed up, I found one that was appropriate for the use of the character…… BumpNGrind

    It’s works for now!