This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Pally Macros

Macro CreationYesterday it occured to me that suddently Tatia is using a lot of macros. I’ve added a page just for the macros. Enjoy.

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2 comments to Pally Macros

  • Jellodyne

    Terrific! Here are some of mine.

    Little heal – alt casts little HL to keep it 2 sec, ctrl casts oom ‘free’ vesion, targettarget if pointed at mob

    /cast [mod:alt,help] [mod:alt,target=targettarget]Holy Light(Rank 5);[mod:ctrl,help] [mod:ctrl,target=targettarget]Flash of Light(Rank 3);[help] [target=targettarget]Flash of Light

    Big heal — divine Illumination on big version, for same reason as you, alt casts mid version, ctrl is tiny version… um, don’t remember why, don’t use it, maybe I should move it up to rank 7 or something useful.

    #showtooltip Holy Light
    /cast [nomod:alt] Divine Illumination
    /cast [mod:alt,help] [mod:alt,target=targettarget]Holy Light(Rank 9);[mod:ctrl,help] [mod:ctrl,target=targettarget]Holy Light(Rank 3);[help] [target=targettarget]Holy Light

    Mount macro, works wherever.

    /cast [nomod:alt, flyable,nomounted]Green Riding Nether Ray;[mod:alt, nomounted,nomounted][noflyable,nomounted] Summon Charger

    Blessing infomational notification… I’ve got a few of these…

    #showtooltip Greater Blessing of Kings
    /cast [button:1] Greater Blessing of Kings
    /cast [button:2] Blessing of Kings
    /script SendChatMessage(“It’s good to be the King, ” .. UnitClass(“target”) .. “.” , “say”);

  • Risteard

    Thanks for the macros! Much appreciated.