This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Lilac Keyed For Kara

Last night I was late getting logged in. Our normal Kara run starts at 8 but I was fiddling around with making dinner (Rice and Lentil soup with sausage) and didn’t get on until 8:40. By then the group was filled.

So instead I logged in on Lilac and put my self in LFG. Within 5 mins I got a whisper asking me if I’d be interested in joining a Black Morass run. I’m a little leery of a pugged Black Morass run.. it just seems like something that doesn’t pug well.. but I really wanted to get the last step of my Master’s Key done. We were: Lilac (me)(Affliction Warlock), MS Warrior Tank, MM Hunter, Shadow Priest, and Resto Shaman.

The warrior didn’t tell us he was MS until the end of the run. Ah well. We put the hunter on all the adds and had everyone else DPS the tank’s target. I did find that throughout the run I really had to watch my aggro. I don’t think I ever grabbed top spot.. but there were a couple of close calls… and I did use soulshatter twice. The run was amazingly painless. Overall I’m please with Lilac’s performance.

OH.. speaking of which.. have you seen the screenshot of the post-2.4 Omen? That’s just damned sexy!

After that I toodled off to Nagrand to finished up Durn the Hungerer and help another person with the Ring of Blood. Shortly thereafter a new guildie pally tank announced that he was going to be running Arcatrz and invited me along. Arc with a Pally tank was fun.. not as fun as Shattered Halls.. but still.. it was almost one continuous pull.

In all I think I got one piece of loot [Mana-Etched Crown]. The two piece set bonus is kind of sexy.. too bad every other piece in the set drops out of a heroic. I wonder how uber Lilac has to be before I attempt a heroic.

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2 comments to Lilac Keyed For Kara

  • Gratz on getting Keyed on your warlock for Kara. However good you had the courage to also joined a PuG.

    I know its everyone favorite line of not wanting to join PuGs. If you think of it, some people will never learn to get better if they dont see some decent people that have the courage to PuG with them every so often. Often you see things that you may not even know thats happening unless you join a PuG.

    Thinking of my lvl 13 Warlock, he’ll never see 70 let alone get to Kara. He’ll probably just live at the AH in Silvermoon.

  • Gratz on your Key :)

    Looks like you are just a couple of days ahead of my lock, EvilBastage (censored!)

    I have just posted about his PUG-nightmare yesterday with Durnholde and SL. Hopefully, he’ll get finished this weekend just in time for a guild alt run on Wednesday :)

    ps I got round to updating my pally macros last night, put in /use trinkets, put in script to hide error frames and reshow them after the error is gone and the libram trick after the spell cast.

    I was assigned BoL last night though so had to remove the librams line as I have the BoL Libram.

    Swapping out trinkets will only be useful if we’re not going with BoL.

    Keep up the good work.