This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

The “suck” that is PUGs

PUGLast night I was in a PUG in Mana Tombs. It’s a low-level instance but when Lilac ran it at an appropriate level I got pulled out to go heal Gruul’s on Tatia before we could complete the escort. I hate having incomplete quests in my log so I figured I get a quick Mana Tombs run done and acquire a few spirit shards as well (need 50 for ring).

We were: Pally Tank, Shadow Priest Healer, Lilac (ME)(70 Affliction Warlock), Booka (68 MM Hunter), Warok (65 Fury Warrior)

My “quick run” turned out to instead be the standard PUG death march sprinkled with high repairs and lots of frustration. We went very very slowly through the instance. I started at 10:45.. and we called it a night at 2. Near the end, just after a wipe on the boss with the sparks.. I said in party that I needed to repair. Three others in the group joined me. The last person in the group, a hunter who had already run to the boss, turned around and started for the instance door. Then in /p asked “Hey, should I start this escort?” To which I replied “No, don’t start it. You can’t do it alone.” The hunter didn’t listen and started the quest anyway.. She died.. and also made it so I couldn’t do the escort (my only reason for this slogg-fest). I was so mad I sputtered incoheriently and couldn’t type for a good 5 mins.

Then I come in today.. and read Galo’s post about making friends with your pug group…. and I’m looking at my whiny “You people all suck” post and it leaves me feeling like a horribly petty person. *sigh*


What is it about PUGs that makes them suck? And can I do anything to change that?

Click the damn summoning circle!!
The Suck:
I would ask “do you need cookies?” and get an affirmative. So I’d start a summoning circle.. and 10 seconds later I’m still the only person channeling it. It takes 2 additional people to make cookies and mage biscuits. When you see the summoning circle, CLICK IT!

Can I change it?
I suppose I’ll be adding a humorous say macro to prompt people to click the summoning circle.

Know your toon, know your role
The suck:
I was highly frustrated grouping with a hunter and a warrior who clearly didn’t know what they was supposed to be doing in the instance. The hunter rarely trapped anything.. when she did it was clear she didn’t know about LoS trapping or chain trapping. When I was given a seduce target she continually shot my target and broke my seduction. The warrior was DPS. He was there for massive amounts of DPS. On recount at the end it looked like this:

1. Lilac 36%
2. Pally Tank 33%
3. Booka (hunter) 25%
4. Warok (Warrior) 8%
5. Shadow Priest Healer ~

Seriously.. if you’re in a 5-man group to provide dps you should be -ashamed- if you’re only picking up 8% of the dps load. At one point he won a fist weapon from a boss.. and on equiping it he remarked that he didn’t have any weapon expertise in fist weapons. Later on he remarked “LOL my DPS is low because of the fist weapon”. Seriously! If you get a new weapon and you have no skill with it.. put it in your bags and skill it up on your own time. I don’t have the time/patience to put up with you gimping my group.

Can I change it?
I can only make sure that -I- know my role and do my part in the pug. I did send a whisper to the hunter after we stopped telling her to goto to learn more about hunters. But I’m not sure what else I could have done without offending other players. It’s a fine line between “Thank you for your helpful advice” and “Bugger off and let me play my toon”.

If you’re not the tank, your healthbar is -your- responsibility
The suck:
After a pull everyone would bandage/eat/drink except for Warok the Warrior. He’d stand around and do nothing. Eventually the Priest would stand up and throw a heal on Warok. Seriously if Tatia had been healing the group Warok would have gotten NOTHING. Towards the end of the run after almost EVERY fight I started asking him if he had food/bandages. I was offended on behalf of the priest.

Can I change it?
The best I’ve got here was pointed remarks to the warrior in question. Lilac went through 68 bandages and a full stack of food. Seriously! I ate food. It was weird.. and unusual.

If the healer’s got to run back, you’ve got to run back
The Suck:
Warok again.. we all died and ran back. He waited for a rez. So the healer ran back, ate/drank, rezzed Warok then ate/drank again. Again I was offended on behalf of the healer.

Can I change it?
*sigh* probably not. Maybe a macro stating the rules of this PUG.

Ok.. venting is done. I am resolved to do more pugging.

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4 comments to The “suck” that is PUGs

  • I will admit I was having a good laugh because your posts are just so much more entertaining than mines.

    In all seriousness though you will deal with some crappy play in PuGs. In my case it happens in Heroic PuGs because its what I run all the time. Anyone that runs PuGs will see, take and have to deal with crappy play and or players who may not know any better or as yet know better. I deal with it to as the Tank. However I still Choose to PuG because that’s how I get what I need done and get it done.

    You given me a great idea for my next post also relating to PuGs. I don’t always write every single thing that transpired during a PuG run. It would be a lot to write. However I do write some my posts that reflect lessons one can learn from that I see happen on my runs. If your not on such a run you may never know it happen or the kind of crap that happens. Do people always enjoy the time crap happen, No. Can you learn from it, Yes. Can you share it with others on your blog so others can or might hopefully learn from it yes. Will many do it, No.

    There will always be many bad players in PuGs no more than ever. Allot of the game changes lead to that. Faster leveling good for many, but the adverse results is few people learn how to group play with others or not at all. Some people just don’t think also and dont seem to in an instance. Many dont learn to play their class well with others as a factor or with aggro management. All adds into all the crazy things you see happens in PuGs. Do I see them happen, yes. Yet you still good players in some PuGs.

    The unfortunate thing in lots of PuGs, few people see a good example. Some people can’t or dont know how to take constructive advice or too closeminded if you offer them advice or help.

    I’ve had priests that constantly on pulls PWS me right before the pull. And I’ve had to constantly click it off. Often I’ve had to explain why it a problem and not to do so with me pulling as the tank. Sometime I found they just dont know. Solo levelers I guess and not much group experience. I’ve had healer that only heal me when I’m below what seems like when I’m at half health. I’ve had healers that after a fight dont even drop me a heal. Often I bandage myself since I rarely mana heal. I’ve had hunters ask if I had omen and want to know how much their damage is. I’ve beaten hunters and rogues on the damage meter as well. I’ve seen hunters that had no food for their pet thus could not use their pet. I’ve seen some dps that didn’t have food. I’ve seem mana users that kept begging for drink in groups with no mages. Rogues begging for healing potions. Dps that on rezz can’t seem to heal themselves often I bandage them myself since I rarely mana heal as the tank as it consumes so much my mana I have to often drink 2-3 times especially after rebuffing. People coming to heroics half durability on gear because they somehow forgot to repair. As the tank I’m always 100% repaired after I leave the instance back in Shatt and before I head to the instance. I always know how repaired my gear is, its my job to know. So how some people not know that is beyond me. People pulling when tank drinking for mana because they think it he faster to dps pull, makes me waste tons of mana in the process. All that crap I see happen in my PuGs and more. But if one was not there you may never see it. Some days PuGs are fun, some days the group make you look bad, but through it all I still PuG. There are some Heroics I just dont PuG but for the most part, most my groups are PuG formed.

  • Just remember you can’t spell “PUG” without “UG”. ;D

  • Can’t spell “PUG” without the “P-U” either! :D

    Nibuca, how about I come pug with you? Ermm…except then it wouldn’t be a true pug anymore…

    Ah, well…

  • Ed

    I feel for you and Pugging. If that was a normal mana tombs it is just sad. The warrior was definitely a weak link.

    I wish they would have kept a minimum requirement of revered to do heroics. At least that way it would weed out some of the chaff. Unfortunately now everyone and their grandmas can run it at honored which usually means greens and blues. As for normal dungeons, all bets are off as that just means any old joe can join and competency isn’t a requirement but just the desire for “phat lewts”

    I try to armory people I run with on Pug. It isn’t a foolproof method, but I figure if people spent that much time acquiring epics they should know how to play. I also keep a list of the ‘good’ people and those of the exceptionally ‘bad’ ones so I don’t group with them in the future. There is also the concept of ‘birds of a feather flock together’. This means I try to avoid guilds that have bad players as well and by default don’t group with them if I can help it. It may sound harsh but it does save headaches in the long run.

    side note: Don’t try to pug heroic Magister’s Terrace w/o people who know what they are doing. It is harder than your normal heroic. Even on normal it is hard.