This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

The Days of our Lilac

LilacExciting week to be a Lilac :)

Over the weekend Lilac, with the help of a bunch of guildies, completed the pre-Ogri’la quest chains. So now she can start doing dailies. Yeah! She also -finally- got tailoring up to 375.

Last night West Kingdom was forming up a group to run Kara. Last Monday they cleared to just past Curator and were looking to finish it off. Neither of my toons were in that earlier run so it was doubtful that I’d be going in. Regardless I chatted with guildies and found out one of them had a Shadowcloth spec’d cooldown available. I have already crafted my [Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders] and [Frozen Shadoweave Boots] and I was only 4 pieces of Shadowcloth short of getting the robe. In addition to having a cooldown that guildie also had 2 pieces she was willing to trade for mats. Viola! [Frozen Shadoweave Robe]. I immediately gemmed it and got it enchanted.

After the rest of the guild ran off to Kara I checked on the dungeon dailies. The regular (which I picked up) was Shattered Halls. The Heroic was Underbog (which I didn’t pick up figuring I was no where near geared for a Heroic). I popped into LFG and saw the makings of a team for Shattered Halls. Pally tank, Holy Priest healer, 2 hunters, Lilac (Affliction Warlock). We met up at the stone and started the run.

It was the most fun I’ve -ever- had. Shattered Halls + Pally tank + Seed of Corruption = WIN. Lilac tripped out at 522 DPS. At one point I saw a combined Seed go off for over 12k. It was -so- -freaking- -lovely-. The Pally chain pulled everything.. I think the only time we stopped was for mana at the top of the gauntlet (after she’d pulled the whole gauntlet, the mini-boss at the top of the gauntlet). I don’t think I ever died. Full Shattered Halls run in just under an hour.

I didn’t get a single drop :) but still I’d happily run it again (and again and again).

At the tail end of the run Dhimmi (Guildie Prot Pally) logged on and asked in guild if anyone was interested in running Heroic Underbog. We had just gotten to Kargath so I told Dhimmi that Lilac was interested.. but probably undergeared.. and not available for about 10 mins. We finished up Kargath and Dhimmi invited me to his group.

Group was: Dhimmi (Pally tank), Kelkel (Pally healer), Lilac (ME)(Affliction Warlock), EZboo(Survival? Hunter), Mantiz (Mage).

A quick trip back to Shatt netted me an Eternium Key for the regular daily (I really must figure out what those are used for) and I picked up the quest for Heroic Underbog.

Then I made an utterly noob mistake. We all formed up and ran for the entrance.. and as I passed through the entrance it said “You must have the Reservoir Key to enter the Heroic” or something like that. DOH! Lilac had the rep but hadn’t yet bought the key. I admitted my noob mistake to the group and flew off to get the key.

Tatia has done Heroic Underbog a few times so I knew what to expect. It turned out that I was right.. Lilac was last on the damage meter.. she only did 2/3 of the damage of the next higher DPS toon. She averaged around 322 DPS. Even still.. her lack of DPS was never the reason for a wipe. Almost all the wipes happened because the healer couldn’t heal the tank fast enough. On all of the wipes except for one we died with the healer still at greater than half mana. On the one exception we died from pulling an extra group with mobs that healed each other. I feel bad being dragged along by the rest of the group.. but I think I made up for it with cookies, excellent CC (banish) on the elementals.. and timely soulstones. I’m sure my DPS will get better with more gear.

– Hungerfen, the first boss, is -much- easier to do as DPS than as the healer. Lilac had no problems avoiding the mushrooms.
– Whenever I think “Oh crap I pulled aggro” I need to check to make sure the tank is still alive. I “pulled” aggro on the second boss only when the tank died.. not sure what the mage was doing at that point. I would have expect him (with his uber dps) to pull aggro before me. The hunter FD.
– Bear boss is -really- much easier when you remind the group to get really close to the tank so you don’t get charged. (much like Gruul’s trash mobs).
– I need to do a better job of stuffing myself under mushrooms for the Blackstalker. Somehow she yanked me out of there, hoisted me into the air..and then arcane blasted the crap out of me. Luckily the group got her down without me.

Lilac came out of there with 4 Badges (for a total of 6 including the daily), [item]Ced’s Carver[/item] (sent to bank alt) and a [Primal Nether]. Horray!! She’s well on her way to OP-dom.

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2 comments to The Days of our Lilac

  • IIRC, the keys are used up in Blades Edge to open a prison. Inside is a random mob. Who drops random blue? gear. I’m not 100% certain myself.

    But rather than look it up, I’m going to pass on half-information! :) I’m helpful that way. ;)