This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Lag.. and Frozen Shadoweave

Odd lag yesterday. Hopefully it will be resolved shortly. I logged in. Considered doing an instance (not bloody likely with that odd lag) and instead decided to start on quests in Netherstorm. Getting Exalted with Scryer on both Lilac and Tatia is now highest priority on my To-Do list. Both toons need the exalted Shoulder enchants.. and Lilac needs the yummy spell hit trinket the [item]Scryer’s Bloodgem[/item].

Two days ago, while running Shattered Halls I noticed the message “Your Shadowmend heals you for 6″ in my combat log. I hadn’t ever seen Shadowmend before.. but figured it was something the priest was doing. Which was odd because the priest didn’t seem to be shadow. I noted the health trickle and decided I needed to tap more preemptively to take advantage of the incoming health. I really didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Yesterday, while questing in Netherstorm I saw the same message again.. after puzzling about it for a while I -finally- figured out that Shadowmend is the name of the benefit of the 3-piece Frozen Shadoweave set bonus. Specifically: “Your Frost and Shadow damage spells heal you for 2% of the damage they deal.” So whoo hoo for health trickles. Especially nice because I think the only non-shadow spell I’m casting is Immolate.

Though.. I did identify a drawback with this. Lilac can now draw healing aggro from the 2nd or 3rd mob fighting voidy. Before the set bonus I could set voidy on a group of mobs and then focus fire them one at a time without even having to trigger the voidy’s multi-mob growl. Now I need to remember to have voidy growl at the other mobs.. or they’ll eventually turn on Lilac and eat her because of her healing aggro.

I’ve never quested in Netherstorm. Well to be truthful Tatia has done a handful of the quests out there.. but only for very specific quest items. Tatia dinged 70 in Shattered Halls. She hadn’t done any of the quests in Blade’s Edge Mountain, Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley. Lilac dinged 70 while killing Spiders in Blade’s Edge Mountain on a quest. Since then Lilac has completed the Blade’s Edge Mountain quests and has moved on to Area 52. She still needs to complete the rest of the Netherstorm quests and all of the Shadowmoon Valley quests. I’m finding that questing makes a fantastic amount of money. I’m thinking that I want to go back to Tatia and finish up her quests as well.

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4 comments to Lag.. and Frozen Shadoweave

  • FSW set bonus is very nice, especially for farming purposes! :) I don’t use my VW when I farm usually… I dot up four or five things and run around until they die, siphon life + life drain when I need it. :) Is much fun!

  • mbf

    Hehe, yeah. I had that “why are the mobs peeling off my pet and beating on me?” moment after crafting my last shadoweave piece too.

    You can always swap out one piece (boots, probably) for a slightly lower item when you’re grinding multiple mobs.

  • You say that the only non-shadow spell you use is immolate.

    I used to be the same, but read on a forum some time ago that immolate is a waste of mana and cast time for it’s dps compared to your shadow spells/DOTS.

    Now I took some time to adopt this and have temporarily dropped immolate from my default spell rotation. I will test out my dps someday and see if it really is worth dropping immolate.

    But in the meantime, what are your views on this? Was it just some a55hat that I read saying drop immolate or is there some wisdom there?

    Can’t wait for my 3rd peice of FSW, only 900 Netherweave, 20 netherweb spider silk and various primals to go!!

  • Nibuca

    See here:


    Immolate vs Shadow Bolt

    Immolate has a much higher base damage then Shadow Bolt, and both have around the same spellpower coefficient (85%). For this reason, at low amounts of spellpower, keeping Immolate up is clearly a better choice. Some well geared warlocks drop this spell in favor of Shadow Bolt due to any combination of these factors:

    - Higher hit/crit/haste rating benefits Shadowbolt.
    - ISB debuff
    - Most debuffs tend to favor SB instead (absence of CoE, Imp Scorch, CoS, ISB)
    - More talents into SB (Shadow Mastery, Demonic Sacrifice, Shadow And Flame)
    - More items that benefit SB ([Ritssyn's Lost Pendant], [Orb of the Soul-Eater], [Nethervoid Cloak], [Boots of the Shifting Nightmare], FSW and Soulfrost)
    - Debuff slot shortage
    - Higher mana cost per point of damage, so more life tap down time

    Whether it’s worth it for you should be checked with the appropriate tools: ShadowSeer, Leulier’s sheet, DrDamage (all linked below). Even a lower damage-per-casting-time, it is worth it occasionally if you don’t think you’ll have the time to get a SB off or can’t risk threat bursts.

    On swift-dying trash my “rotation” is Corruption+Immolate+SB-until-dead. f it’s -really- swift I’ll go with only Immolate. See TapTapPewPew here:

    On bosses I’m still feeling my way around. ATM I put up all my dots (including immolation) and then fill in with Shadow Bolts, refreshing dots as necessary. When I’m not sure what to do next I cast a Shadow Bolt while I’m trying to figure it out.