This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


Last night Lilac helped with a quick full guildie run of Shadow Labs. We were: Ursadae (brother’s druid tank), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Lilac (ME) (Affliction Warlock), Wannalaya (…)(Warrior) and Shoktul (the criti-ful laser chicken).

I did find that I had to curb my casting so as not to drag mobs off of Ursadae, but not too much. Shotkul spent alot more time than Lilac getting munched by mobs.

Ursadae got his keypart and Lilac came out of there with [Greatsword of Horrid Dreams]. It a little bit better than [item]Battle Mage’s Baton[/item] and will be absolutely yummy when I can add the [Orb of the Soul-Eater]. WTB more badges.

Looking over my gear I think the next big upgrade I need is to get the Spellstrike Hood and Spellstrike Pants.

Current: Mana-Etched Crown 127 AC +27 Sta +20 Int +15 spell penetration +34 spell/healing (Red, Meta (+4 Resilience Rating))

Lusting for: **[Spellstrike Hood] 145 AC +16 Sta +12 Int +16 spell hit rating (1.3%) +24 spell crit strike rating (1.1%) +46 spell (Blue, Yellow, Red (Socket Bonus: +6 Stamina)) Spellstrike Infusion Set 1/2

Head Difference: +18 AC +17 Sta +8 Int +16 spell hit rating +12 spell/healing +24 spell crit strike rating +blue +yellow -15 spell penetration -meta -4 resilience

Current: Consortium Pants of the Eagle 117 AC +50 sta +33 int

Lusting for: **[Spellstrike Pants] 156 AC +12 Sta +8 Int +22 spell hit rating (1.7%) +26 spell critical strike rating (1.2%) +46 spell/healing (Blue, Yellow, Red (Socket Bonus: +6 Stamina)) Spellstrike Infusion Set 1/2

Pants Difference: +39 AC +22 spell hit +26 spell crit +46 spell/healing +blue +yellow +red -32 Sta -25 Int

So it looks like the head upgrade is a bigger win. I’m targeting that one first.

*sigh* also I see this:

[Vindicator's Silk Cuffs] 103 AC +29 Sta +22 Int +17 spell crit strike rating (0.77%) +13 resilience rating (0.33%) +27 spell/healing (Yellow Socket (+2 Spell Damage)) – Warsong Gulch Marks x20 and 11,794 Honor Points

***Wrist Difference: LOTS!

I don’t know why wrist pieces are so hard to upgrade. Tatia also had a very hard time finding good wrists. But it looks like Lilac will be flag chasing for a while. *sigh* PVP.

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2 comments to Burbles

  • Arntor

    I quit raiding for a reason. Now PVP is all I do on my lock. Need to get the 8-spirit shard meta for my new helm though.


  • Nibuca

    Lol ;)

    Lilac did two WSG last night. Pitiful losses. I’m bothered by having to depend on 9 other people who have little incentive to win. At least in a raid the group knows they get phat lootz only if they win.. and if they don’t do their job they end up under the microscope or ejected from the raid.

    Lilac topped the Alliance-side heals in both attempts and in one was #2 in Alliance-side most damage dealt.

    SERIOUSLY! I, who have -no- clue what I’m doing, should NOT top any meter. It’s just disgusting.