This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Making Reparations

My computer is still down. Hopefully it’ll come home today. On Monday night I cleared out space and installed WoW on our laptop. I can’t understand how people can actually play on a laptop as their main computer. More than that.. because of limited resources I’m playing without any addons. It’s just… HORRIBLE.

I tried to log onto one of my lowbies and do some questing on her. The theory there is since I’m not used to playing on her I won’t miss my “regular” setup as much. It might have worked if I’d had an actual mouse. Unfortunately the laptop has a touchpad.. and moving and targeting/attacking mobs is exceptionally painful. I gave up on it after about 40 minutes. Instead I logged Tatia on and went fishing. That was very easy to do with the laptop. Tatia went from 250 to 300 fishing. I also learned that listening to podcasts is a good way to not fall asleep while fishing.

After hitting 300 I decided I needed a break from fishing and logged onto Lilac to see if I could work on her “low-hanging fruit” list. I think I made good (considering the circumstances) progress.

Low-hanging fruit list:
- Stock up on [Elixir of Major Shadow Power] Fiancee is Elixir spec and has the recipe. Had fiancee make me 20. Got 23 since he’s Elixir spec :)
- Stock up on stat food. [um yeah.. this would involve killing things.. that is -so- not happening on this laptop]
- Get an off-hand item. (quest reward from Sethekk hall quest looks good). Fiancee got [Archmage Orb] of Shadow Wrath (+41 shadow damage) and gave it to me. Not bad.
- Do quest “The Horrors of Pollutionâ€? @ Netherstorm to get trinket [item]Starkiller’s Bauble[/item]. Quest comes from item dropped off of Congealed Void Horror (54.6,44). May need 2 ppl. [um yeah.. this would involve killing things.. that is -so- not happening on this laptop]
- Do quest “The Hound-Masterâ€? @ Blade’s Edge Mountain to get [item]Natasha’s Arcane Filament[/item] [um yeah.. this would involve killing things.. that is -so- not happening on this laptop]
- Get Spellstrike set crafted. [I've got the primal mights for one but I still need to get the Spellcloth together. This may take a while]
- Gem Head piece I added the spirit shard Meta gem and a Veiled Noble Topaz.
- Get shoulder enchant. I was able to get the Honored one and apply that.
- Enchant cloak Subtlety [I used up the last of my mats on Fiancee's enchants when he hit 70. I'll need to do this one later]
- *sigh* pvp WSG more for cuffs [hate pvp hate pvp hate pvp hate pvp hate pvp *sigh*]
- Get 400 rings for Scryer rep. I was able to buy lots off the AH and get to Revered. So I could buy [item]Scryer’s Bloodgem[/item] I swapped it out for a “lower your threat” trinket

Changed stats:
Run speed increase
+37 spell hit,
+17 spell damage
+41 shadow damage
+4 Resilience Rating.
+13 spell crit strike rating

I’m not sure if that’ll get me an add’l 100 DPS.. but it’s a good start.

Oh, also need to do.. I think I have an incorrect gem in my Gloves. I’ve got +hit rating instead of +spell hit rating (oops). I’ll need to regem that.

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