This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Teh Uber

TehWhen I logged on last night, fiancee was flying to Winterspring to do some mining. We didn’t have enough other people on to make a guild run at anything.. so I logged onto Lilac put her in LFG for Shadow Labs, Shattered Halls and.. um.. something else (H-MrT I think) and started doing some daily quests. Five minutes into my daily quests I got a whisper asking if I was interested in running Shadow Labs. Heck yeah, I need the spirit shards (and there’s ~4 drops I want in SL).

I joined the group, got summoned to Auchendoun. The towers were horde controlled :( so no spirit shards. *sigh* We started on the run. The tank had never been in the instance before but it went pretty well up until we got to Vorpil. The tank did not know the fight. They tried to explain the South/North method for that boss.. the tank -said- he got it.. but when he engaged he went south every time. Add to that he didn’t read party chat during combat. So we’re yelling at him in party chat.. and he’s ignoring it.. and we’re all dying. It wasn’t pretty. Though in retrospect it is kinda funny.

We wiped and then ran back in. It went a little better the second time but the tank was still running into a lot of the void walkers which eventually killed us before we could get the boss down.

As we were running in for the third attempt the Mage declared it “wasn’t going to happen” and left the party. Eventually the only one still in the party was Lilac. There’s nothing more pathetic than typing:

/5 LookingForGroup LF Healer, Tank and 2 other DPS for half cleared Shadow Labs (ready to pull Vorpil)

While I’d been in Shadow Labs Fiancee and guildies had gotten together a Mechanar run. So there weren’t enough free guildies on to finish up the Shadow Labs run *sigh* So I gave up and decided again that I’d try and do daily quests. I finished up the Nagrand quest and had just arrived at Allerian when Dhimmi logged on. Dhimmi is a new-to-the-guild protection pally. He seems very single minded and has run back-to-back instances gearing up and then getting all the factions he needs. Right now it seems that he’s running Heroics to get badges. I ran H-Underbog with him on Sunday.

I jumped at the chance to DPS for him in those Heroics again. The group was Dhimmi (Protection Pally), Lanaka(?) (Holy Paladin), Rogue, Sibiy (BM Hunter), and Lilac (ME)(Affliction Lock). We ran both H-Underbog and H-Slave Pens.

Throughout the run Lilac sat at about 480-520 dps. ‘Course the Rogue was at 540 and Sibiy was at 620 but I still think 500 DPS is respectable.

Lilac picked up two [Radiant Chrysoprase] a [Vivid Chrysoprase] and [The Black Stalk] Yeah for wand! OH and 7 badges bringing Lilac’s total to 30… 25 of which she promptly spent getting the [Orb of the Soul-Eater].

So now Lilac has a yummy off-hand, yummy wand, Frozen Shadoweave 3/3, Spellstrike 2/2, Attuman’s bracers. Still need enchants.. a better necklace, hands, weapon and 16 Primal Fires to get yummy belt. But making good progress. Regular Kara tonight. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it goes better than it did last week.

Early yesterday I wrote: “As expected Blizzard’s response is slow/non-existant.” about a guildie being hacked. I take it back. Late yesterday said guildie reported that he got most of his stuff back in the mail. Most except oddly they didn’t give him back his primals.

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2 comments to Teh Uber

  • Haha! “Teh” actually means “tea” in Malay and Indonesian, hence the Chinese character for it in the picture, but that’s unrelated. :P

  • Nibuca

    And Uber is a german word meaning “great”.
    Hmm.. that would make “Teh Uber” a really good marketing opportunity for a tea manufacturer ;)