This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Warlock Raiding Consumables

[This information is Deprecated. With the 3.0.2 patch the information
below is no longer true. Please check more recent entries for more
correct information.]

You are more than the clothes you wear and weapons you bear. If you’re not using consumables to raid then you’re not living up to your max potential.


[Blackened Basilisk] 7500 health +23 spell +20 spirit Duration: 30 min – 1x Chunk o’ Basilisk (Dropped by basilisks in Zangarmarsh and Terrokar)
[Crunchy Serpent] 7500 health +23 spell +20 spirit Duration: 30 min – 1x Serpent Flesh (Dropped by flying serpents in BEM)
[Poached Bluefish] 7500 health +23 spell +20 spirit Duration: 30 min – 1x Icefin Bluefish (From fishing)
[Skullfish Soup] 7200 mana +20 spell crit strike +20 spirit Duration: 30 min – 1x Crescent-Tail Skullfish (From fishing)

Pet Food
Works for Warlock minions as well as Hunter pets. Right-click on the “food” to feed it to your pet.
[Sporeling Snack] +20 Sta +20 spirit Duration: 30 min – 1x Strange Spores (From mobs in Zangarmarsh)
[item]Kibler’s Bits[/item] +20 Str +20 spirit Duration: 20 min – 1x Buzzard Meat (Dropped by HFP buzzards and Terrokar Bonelashers) – Really only useful for Felguard. Adds ~4DPS (6DPS with Demonic Frenzy)


Flasks are good for exploring new content. Lasts for 2hrs regardless of how many times you die. Once you master the content though, it’s probably better to go with an individual Battle/Guardian Elixir

[Flask of Pure Death] Battle and Guardian +80 shadow/frost/fire Duration: 2 hrs through death – 1x Fel Lotus, 3x Mana Thistle, 7x Nightmare Vine, 1x Imbued Vial
[Flask of Supreme Power] Battle and Guardian +70 spell Duration: 2 hrs through death – 7x Dreamfoil, 3x Mountain Silversage, 1x Black Lotus, 1x Crystal Vial
[Flask of Distilled Wisdom] Battle and Guardian +65 int Duration: 2 hrs through death – 7x Dreamfoil, 3x Icecap, 1x Black Lotus, 1x Crystal Vial

[Elixir of Major Shadow Power] Battle +55 shadow Duration: 1 hr – 1x Ancient Lichen, 1x Nightmare Vine, 1x Imbued Vial
[Greater Arcane Elixir] Battle +35 spell Duration: 1 hr – 3x Dreamfoil, 1x Mountain Silversage, 1x Crystal Vial
[item]Adept’s Elixir[/item] Battle +24 spell +24 spell crit Duration: 1 hr – 1x Dreamfoil, 1x Felweed, 1x Imbued Vial

[Elixir of Draenic Wisdom] Guardian +30 int +30 spirit Duration: 1 hr – 1x Felweed, 1x Terocone, 1x Imbued Vial
[Elixir of Major Fortitude] Guardian +250 health +10 hp5 Duration: 1 hr – 2x Ragveil, 1x Felweed, 1x Imbued Vial

Weapon Oil

Enchanters make these.
[Superior Wizard Oil] +42 spell Duration: 1 hr – 3x Arcane Dust, 1x Nightmare Vine, 1x Imbued Vial
[Brilliant Wizard Oil] +36 spell +14 spell crit strike rating Duration: 1 hr through death (not zoning) – 2x Large Brilliant Shard, 3x Firebloom, 1x Imbued Vial

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5 comments to Warlock Raiding Consumables

  • Arntor

    How the hell do you feed a warlock pet?

  • Nibuca

    “Pet food” is different from food you feed your pet. :) Hunters use the “Feed Pet” ability to change the happiness of their pets. Warlocks don’t care about the happiness of their pets :) But even if we did there’s no “Feed Pet” ability for warlocks.

    Luckily Kibler’s Bits and Sporeling Snacks aren’t happiness food. They’re stat food. To apply the stat food to your pet you “use” the item ie, right click on the item.

    It’s the same way with Hunters. You don’t use the “Feed Pet” ability.. instead you treat it like you were eating it.. but instead it’s consumed by your pet (and gives the pet the well fed buff).

  • omg! i’ve been missing out like crazy! i had no idea i could feed my minion!
    do you think it will make my imp a better mana battery?

    psychonias last blog post..Life Tap etiquette: guilty pleasure or raiding necessity?

  • Nibuca

    Nope, sorry. The two pet foods available only adjust STR and STA. I’ve used the STA for when I’m using the Succubus or Fel Hound. If I had a felguard I’d use the +STR food.

    With the imp, 99% of the time he’s phase shifted so he’s not going to get hit (no reason to add more HP).. and his mana pool would only be adjusted through +int or +spi.

    I do suppose you could use scrolls on him if you really wanted it to change.

  • Nibuca

    Oh, also, when there’s buffing going on, make sure your imp isn’t phase shifted. That way he’ll get the priest, druid, pally buffs (more int, and more spirit).