This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Daily Grind

CoffeeYesterday as I logged on Fiancee said “don’t get involved with anything too deep, Sae will be logging on in about an hour and I’d like to run Botanica with you and him.” So instead of signing up in LFG I instead tackled my dailies. I need the gold if I’m ever going to finish gemming and enchanting my new stuff.

I don’t love dailies. It used to be I could allocate 1 hr in the morning to dailies. We got up, showered, dressed, did dailies and then scanned the auction house as I drove to work. 1 hr. I can take 1 hr out of my day. I was doing 6 quests and making a nice amount of gold and getting a couple mana pots. It wasn’t onerous.. it was just something you did to pad you bank account.

Suddenly there are tons of dailies.. and although I realize I could just keep doing the 6 I was doing before.. unfortunately the best rewards come from the new quests. So instead I’m spending hours and hours working on quests.

I finished 13 daily quests yesterday.
– nagrand scans
– Skettis Bombing (since there’s no more mana pots I can’t be bothered to look for/do the escort)
– Simon Says in Ogri’La
– Phase shifted in BEM
– Sunfury Plans
– Demon Blood in HFP
– Living Flame in HFP
– Mana Residue for SSO
– Arcane Protectors for SSO
– Bombing for SSO
– 6 demons/plant flag for SSO
– 3 spot readings for SSO
– flower picking

I started at 7:30 and stopped at 10:30 (in there I also made grilled tuna sandwiches for dinner). So it took me about 3 hours. I made a nice amount of cash, a couple of greens.. and got a Restoration Potion (yummy). But it wasn’t exactly fun. I’d've rather run any Tempest Keep instance (since Lilac needs the rep). Ah well.

Anyway. At 10:30 fiancee finished a Heroic Arc on his hunter and invited Lilac to join him on his pally tank for a regular Mechanar. Sae didn’t actually log in until 11:30. At which point we were just finishing the first boss. By the time we finished that instance I was very tired and went to bed. I think fiancee is planning to do the Bot run tonight or maybe this weekend.

Tonight: Regular Kara. Tatia healing.

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