This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Ten Words.

Penny Arcade has sponsored a contest. Ten Word Stories.

My entries:

“What can it hurt?” Fizzwidget chirped happily. Fiery explosions followed.

Twenty-five triumphantly trounced Illidan. I guess they were prepared.

Brooding, icy Northrend waits for gallant adventures with new hairdos.

Elegance of dots and curses reduced to shadow bolt spam.

Sylvanus, dread queen, in Northrend takes Arthas, dread king. Checkmate.

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4 comments to Ten Words.

  • Arntor

    *Banshee Queen
    *Lich King

    <– Undead Warrior main, avid of the lore.

  • Nibuca

    I agree about the misspelling.. But a Banshee Queen can still be a dread queen. Same thing with Arathas. Though I agree that “Banshee” and “Lich” might have been better word choices than “dread”. I wanted to draw the parallel between the two lore figures. Calling them out individually makes them different. Referring to them both as “dread” makes them the same. I wanted them to “feel” like the same to help with the chess analogy. (also I couldn’t quite get Sylvans to be the black queen and Arathas to be the white king..or vice versa it just didn’t work)


  • Valis

    “Didn’t I already save your cow?”
    “Another life” he said.

  • Arntor

    Oh, I’m fully aware of the clever chess analogy. But their names are still Sylvanas and Arthas. >.>