This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Warlock Outfits

Noting this here so I won’t forget. Lilac needs to optimize her outfits.

Wowinsider talked about it.

I’m using Outfitter to change outfits. I keybound her two main outfits (trash, boss). On the desktop I show her current trinkets. From the trinkets I can tell which clothes she has on.

Lilac’s Current Outfits:
– Boss (Aiming for 202 spell hit and then max +spell dmg) Lilac finally hit this. I’m still swapping stuff around to maximize +spell damage but she has the +spell hit.
– Trash (Aiming for 64 spell hit and max +dmg) Actually I think she’s at 121 spell hit in her trash clothes. I need to get more stuff to swap out the stuff that’s maximized for spell hit. Also at this point the Trash clothes only have about +30 more spell damage than her boss clothes. :( I guess I need more clothes.
– Arcane Resist (Full resist (75% damage reduction) would be 365 arcane resist) I don’t know precisely where she is on this set. I do know I have quite a few pieces and it -feels- like she’s at ~121 arcane resist.. but I don’t remember the exact number. Nice to have for the second boss in MrT and for Curator (not that Lilac has actually seen Curator yet.. but she plans to). Having good Arcane resist would allow Lilac (who already has good stamina and can top the threat meter) to sit as second for the Curator fight and act as arcane soak.

Need to get:
– PVP/Stamina set (Biggest HP +biggest spell damage) I have a feeling she’ll need this for PVE. I don’t have a gear list for it yet.
– Fire/shadow/Frost/Nature Resist. I have another feeling these are needed for higher content.. at the moment they’re very low on my priority list.
– Nuke set… not sure about this one. Since I favor Affliction I’m hesitant to gather a set that favors Destruction (I’d hate to be seized by a notion and accidentally spec into shadow bolt spamming)(though 1k DPS is tempting).

WTB more bag/bank space.

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3 comments to Warlock Outfits

  • Pellegri

    You won’t ever need Frost/Nature resist sets.

    Fire resist if you’re going to be tanking Leotheras (thirdish) in SSC. And then the Big!Kael’thas fight in TK has a fire slinging add named Capernican for you to tank as well.

    Shadow resist you won’t need until midway through Black Temple. Shadow resist gear also requires Hearts of Darkness which only drop in MT/BT so craaazy expensive. In addition, the patterns for sresist gear requires Ashtongue (BT) rep to buy, though I’m pretty sure the items themselves are boe so you can get other people to make ‘em for you! But mostly, you probably don’t need to worry about sresist gear for quite a time! XD

  • Arntor

    Life-Tap crits you for 99999.
    You die.

  • Valis

    If you’re an Ace user, ClostGnome does the same thing, but with a bizzare sense of humor.