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Yabut, why?

When a blood elf dies.. why isn’t it a wisp?

I’ve talked about the lore before, but I still don’t get it. They’re all elves.. just separated by essentially political boundaries.. so why aren’t blood elves wisps when they die?

Speaking of which.. the blood elves on Azuremyst Isle don’t seem to have gotten the patch 2.4 message that keeping Na’aru hostage in the basement is no longer the Blood Elf way of doing things.

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10 comments to Yabut, why?

  • Belf ears aren’t large and floppy enough to properly tune the aetherial elfitudes. *shrug*

    I’m always just happy that they’re dead. I haven’t thought much about belf after(between?)life.

  • Arntor

    Physically, High elves (Blood evles) descended from Night Elves (the oldest living race). The soul of every night elf is …”bound” in the emerald dream. They are attuned to nature more accutely than any other race. The wisp is only a manifestation of the will to return to nature and restore it. High Elves weren’t so much attuned to nature in the sense that they wanted to restore it. They just wanted to use it and utilize the potent sunwell to feed their addiciton. Doesn’t sound very nature-ish to me. All aside, blizzard is lazy.

  • Nibuca

    There’s a possibility that Trolls are actually older as a race than elves.. and that elves are a mutant strain of troll.

    Beyond that..Idaknow.

  • slayerboy

    I thought BE’s and NE’s came from High Elves. And I do remember reading somewhere that the Trolls are related to the High Elves. Orcs and Draeni (sp?) are related from the same planet. I think the oldest race are Tauren and possibly the Dwarves, which are descendants or somehow related to the Titans.

  • Nibuca

    Nkay.. what I understand:

    Long long ago(25,000 years ago): The Eredar were minding their own business… they were very talented magic users living on the planet Argus. (“For Argus” is a Draenei vocal emote). Sargeras (a titan) had gotten all sad and depressed and decided to make more demons to supplement his Burning Legion(From what I understand he was going to “show them all” by smushing the with a demon army.. idaknow.. depressed people think funny). He picked the Eredar because they were very good at magic.

    He got 2 out of the 3 Eredar leaders, Archimonde, Kil’jaeden, to pledge to support him (they and their followers became the Eredar demons) by offering them unlimited power. The third, Velen, and his followers ran off and hid on another planet. The run-aways renamed themselves Draenei meaning “Exiled Ones” and call their new planet “Dranor” or “the place where the exiled ones live”. (which just goes to show how arrogant the Draenei are since the Orc’s probably already had a name for their home world).

    Wowwiki says about Eredar: “one of the oldest known races in the universe,”

    Orc’s look to have existed on Dranor (or whatever they called it) about 5,000 years before the Draenei showed up.

    I’m not entirely certain of the Tauren/Dwarf timeline.


  • I think what slayerboy meant was the oldest races on Azeroth, not necessarily the entire universe. The Titans are speculated to be ancestors of Dwarves, which may soon be confirmed or denied when Ulduar opens as a dungeon in Wrath.

    An even better WoWWiki article would be

    In my opinion, the Sunwell is the blood elf version of the Well of Eternity. It doesn’t have the same qualities as the original Well, thus the effects are different. In time, the blood elves lost their connection to the Emerald Dream without blessing by the Aspects.

  • Arntor


    NEs are the oldest race. Learn your lore before you make claims. Trolls descended fron Night Elves. Trolls are the second oldest race, followed by Dwarves.

  • Nibuca

    Citation or it never happened.

    My citation:
    WowWiki: (
    “All that is known for certain is that a tribe of nocturnal humanoids came to live on the shores of the first Well of Eternity, and the Well’s cosmic energies changed them into the night elves we know today.”

    So.. first there were humanoids.. then they -became- night elves. I find -no- citation of trolls evolving from NE.. in fact the very earliest conflicts are between NE and troll.. implying they both exist at a very early point.

  • Arntor

    My citations are the books that nobody reads in various instances and other places in World of Warcraft.

    There’s a reason we still have other species of primates right now.

  • Lore Monkey to the rescue!

    As for the whole Troll-Elf thing: There was a tribe of humanoids, implied by some sources to be trolls but never actually confirmed anywhere, which settled by the Well of Eternity. The magical energies of the Well mutated this tribe into what became the Kal’dorei.

    The implication of the tribe being Trolls comes from the fact that Trolls existed prior to the settling, and the Kal’dorei were the result of the mutation from that Tribe. Also, take a look at Night Elf and Troll Ears… they are very similar, don’t you think?

    As for why Blood Elves don’t turn into wisps, you’re not quite correct about one thing, Nibuca. You said “They’re all elves.. just separated by essentially political boundaries…” This isn’t true. If you went back seven-thousand years, or more, ago it would have been true but it’s no longer. Both the Night Elves and the High/Blood Elves have been separately change by their own sources of power. The Night Elves had the second Well of Eternity on top of Mount Hyjal, while the High/Blood Elves had the Sunwell.

    If you physically compare Blood Elves and Night Elves, you can obviously tell the physical differences between the two races. While 7,000 years of evolution may not be a lot for a normal creature, both of these two races were also being affected by magic causing minor changes to happen at a much accelerated rate.

    Though, specifically it’s the Night Elves’ connection to the Emerald Dream (as touched on by Arntor) that allows them to become Wisps.