This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
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25,344 baby!

Yes, I’m kinda chatty today. I guess I have a lot of pent up things to say.

Last night, Wednesday, West Kingdom regular group formed up to take on Kara. I have to say.. it’s very weird to go into Kara on Wednesday and find it full of mobs that you cleared totally out of the way on Monday.

Anyway. We were:
Heimdal (Paladin Tank), Ursadae (Druid Tank), Ireena (Holy Priest)(until Maiden)/Khoss (Resto Shaman)(after Maiden), Seanarra (Holy Paladin)(until Curator)/Sae (BM Hunter)(for Curator), Tanuur (Melee Shaman), Amellea (Feral Druid), Wannalaya (Fury Warrior), Erasmmus (Fire Mage), Lilac (ME) (Affliction Warlock), Kialyss (Frost Mage)

We were able to finish off Attuman, Maiden, Moroes, Opera (Oz). We made a couple attempts on Curator but.. I think we had a positioning problem that compounded a healing problem. So we weren’t able to down Curator.

I -know- it’s not all about the big numbers.. but I still have to giggle from giddiness.

WWS 4/16 I finally timed my CoD correctly and was able to hit Curator for 25,344. Tatia never sees big numbers.. and normally Lilac sees lots and lots of little numbers. So I’m kinda stoked about this.

.. I’m -ok- with Lilac’s performance.. I do think I had a little trouble with targeting which lowered my DPS.. but overall it was ok.

Full WWS:

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