This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Karazhan, now with more glee :)

It was like night and day. Last night West Kingdom ran Kara with the regular group. We one-shotted Attuman, Moroes, Maiden, Opera (Oz) and Curator.

We were:
Tanks: Heimdal (Paladin Tank), Amellea (Druid Off-Tank),
Healers: Weaver (Holy Priest), Seanarra (Holy Paladin)(thru Oz)/Khoss (Resto Shaman)(for Curator)
DPS: Raouen (MM Hunter)(for Attuman)/Sae (thru Oz)/Wannalaya(DPS Warrior) (for Curator)
Lilac (ME) (Affliction Warlock)
Merindaer (Mage)
Nitemage (Mage)
Drakus (Mace Stun Rogue)
Tanuur (Melee Shaman)

We had a little bit of musical toons as people had to leave early but it worked out for the best.

Attuman was quick and easy. Maiden was a push over. Oz.. the only problems we had was that Tito died just as I re-feared Roar… and then fiancee called out to kill Roar next.. well Roar had stuck himself in the corner and was “out of line of sight”. So we stood around not-dpsing anything for 20 seconds until fear broke. I guess I could have cast Curse of Recklessness to break the fear.. but since he’s already a heavy-hitting mob I didn’t want to make him hit any harder. So we waited it out.

Curator. Since I was dissatisfied with putting Searing Pain on the sparks I played with a new idea. Immolate them once.. then use Searing Pain. Immolate hits for more than Searing Pain and the dot runs throughout the time when I’m suffering pushback from the sparks.. so it seems like overall it’ll be more damage. It worked to a point.. the biggest problem I’m having now is the push back.

In our method, everyone who is not the tank (and not a hunter) stacks together so that the sparks will generally go straight for the group (makes them easy to catch for the melee). This works well for the melee folks and for the mages (with an instant cast Direct Damage spell) but for me (Affliction Warlock) it’s a major PITA. I’m able to get an Immolate off.. but because of the pushback the cast of the Searing Pain is taking upwards of 3-5 seconds.

I’m half tempted to move a point over to the Destruction tree to get Shadowburn. That’d give me an instant cast DD spell that I could use about every other spark.

I think next time I’m going to suggest that Lilac stand away from the group so that maybe I can actually be helpful and get some spells cast.

So… although I didn’t get any phat loots.. the pain and suffering were gone. Much much better night. And.. I still got 9 badges.


OH, BTW.. my DPS still isn’t where I want it to be. Lilac’s been hovering around 550 for a while. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.. but I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong. I find it odd that I saw 620 dps on the trash mobs.. but hovered around 500 on the bosses. I’m not sure what’s up with that. Still digging though.

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5 comments to Karazhan, now with more glee :)

  • Congratulations returned on the nicer run :)

    I doubt my DPS is even at 550 yet and we don’t generally have officers on our Kara runs so I’m really going to have to start processing the combat logs myself and seeing how I’m doing.

    But with my new bracers and gloves and the Belt of Blasting that I now have the mats for I should hope I’m gonna get to 550-600 :P

    HolyWarriors last blog post..Epix for EvilBastard

  • Gratz on having the light return to your raid. Its pretty uplifting to get back on the horse and have the team bouncing after an unhappy performance.

    And, speaking of uplifting, it put a smile on my face to see the post’s title. :-)

    Amavas last blog post..I Craft, Therefore I Am…

  • Hmmmm. I’m not sure what’s going on with the dps. You have my Bubon outgeared, and he does around 700dps overall. He’s only been there twice, maybe three times, so I don’t have a lot of data points, though. Average on the Illhoof run was about 1000, boosted ridiculously by the orgy of Seeds (2200+ for that fight). I think the other non-Illhoof run he hit around 700 for the night, and he still had several greens. When I compared him to the mostly epic other warlock in the group, the big difference was the number of times I cast each spell. I’d outcast him 1.5 to 1 or more. Are you using Quartz and timing your casts as tightly as possible? It’s also possible that conventional wisdom is wrong and FG spec is uber. :-) I actually do get a surprising percentage of my damage from the FG melee. *shrug* Looking at WWS, Seeds are your top damage output, and I don’t think that’s ever the case for Bubon, other than the Illhoof fight. I don’t have a WWS report of him handy, but your average SB damage seems low. Bubon’s may be boosted by all of those Demon talents, and yours may be normal for this level of gear. I just don’t know. You’ve talked about consumables before, so I assume that’s not the difference. My mage and lock don’t enter Kara without Sup. Wizard Oil, Flask of Pure Death, and spellpower food.

    Oh! I was wrong. The one WWS report of mine that hasn’t expired is Bubon’s Illhoof romp, and his SB average is much higher. I’m pretty good about pounding the trinkets and watching the cast timer, but the amount of difference almost has to be from our specs. I have a wonky spec that boosts spellpower from Demonology talents, and unlike everyone else, my other points are in Affliction so I have boosted CoA and Corruption.

    I think that run was before he got the Spellstrike gear.

    The FG is quite handy on the Curator fight. I have him intercept and cleave the sparks as they come out. I’ll use a Searing Pain or two on them. The stupid thing I’ve done more than once on Curator is overwriting my amplified CoDoooooom with a normal CoA when my usual rotation takes control of my fingers. D’oh!

    Maybe you should come over to the uhhhhh dark side(?) of warlockery. Find your inner demon. If nothing else, the FG insults and threatens you in a cooler voice than that of the imp.

    I’m not sure if that rambling mess of a comment is of any use to you, but it distracted me from work I should be doing for quite a while, so it was good for me.

  • mbf

    If your dps is lower on the boss, check your spell hit. Supression is all well and good, but it doesn’t affect shadowbolt/immolate.

    As you get more spell hit you can drop supression for some other nicer talents anyway.

    Get a casting rotation set in stone for bosses.

    I find the following timing to be great for affliction(41/0/18 (+2 spare) or similar):

    If you’re affliction I’ll assume you’ve probably got malediction and are on Curse of Shadow/Curse of Elements duty, so just keep that applied.

    Open with UA, followed by instant corruption as soon as UA lands – they should land approx 0 secs apart (as long as it takes you to hit the key). Follow up with immolate and siphon life if you have it (and need it). SB spam until UA runs out.

    The nice thing with the above rotation is that almost all DoTs run out at the same time, so just go back to UA/Corr/immolate and SB spam again. Siphon life is the odd-one out in this case and is not so important unless you’ll be taking damage or dark pact isn’t enough to keep you in mana for the fight and you have to lifetap.

    Do not use drain life unless you need to heal and the healers are under stress. Granted it has a chance to proc nightfall, but the DPS even with lots of affliction debuffs on the mob is poor in comparison to SB spam.

    Don’t foget to hotkey a macro that uses whatever trinket isn’t on cooldown and use it as aften as possible (assuming your threat isn’t too high).

    I can’t recommend quartz enough for helping deal with latency and it shows dot timers which help tighten up your cast rotation. It’s a little fiddly to set up so all the bars are in the right place, but it’s well worth it. Moar barz!

  • Good to hear your raid group got their game back. I can’t comment much on Warlock dps since not a Warlock. But as a Tank on almost all my Heroics I somehow always have one in group. Most can crank out 800-950 DPS on my runs. That’s my only measure of solid Warlock DPS without being one at least that’s what they pack in my Heroics for comparison.

    May take some work but sure you’ll get their in time.

    Galohearts last blog post..Macro: Simple Weapons Switching