This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Holy Paladin Raiding Consumables

[This information is Deprecated. With the 3.0.2 patch the information
below is no longer true. Please check more recent entries for more
correct information.]

You are more than the clothes you wear and weapons you bear. If you’re not using consumables to raid then you’re not living up to your max potential.


[Golden Fish Sticks] 7500 health +44 healing +44 spirit Duration: 30 min – 1x Golden Darter (From fishing)
[Skullfish Soup] 7200 mana +20 spell crit strike +20 spirit Duration: 30 min – 1x Crescent-Tail Skullfish (From fishing)
[Blackened Sporefish] 4320 health +20 stamina +8 mp5 Duration: 30 min – 1x Zangarian Sporefish (From fishing)


Flasks are good for exploring new content. Lasts for 2hrs regardless of how many times you die. Once you master the content though, it’s probably better to go with an individual Battle/Guardian Elixir

[Flask of Mighty Restoration] Battle and Guardian +25 mp5 – 1x Fel Lotus, 3x Mana Thistle, 7x Dreaming Glory, 1x Imbued Vial
[Flask of Distilled Wisdom] Battle and Guardian +65 int Duration: 2 hrs through death – 7x Dreamfoil, 3x Icecap, 1x Black Lotus, 1x Crystal Vial

[] Battle +24 spell/healing +24 spell crit Duration: 1 hr – 1x Dreamfoil, 1x Felweed, 1x Imbued Vial
[Elixir of Healing Power] +50 healing Duration: 1 hr – 1x Golden Sansam, 1x Dreaming Glory, 1x Imbued Vial
[Elixir of Mastery] +15 to all stats – 3x Terocone, 1x Felweed, 1x Imbued Vial

[Elixir of Draenic Wisdom] Guardian +30 int +30 spirit Duration: 1 hr – 1x Felweed, 1x Terocone, 1x Imbued Vial
[Elixir of Major Mageblood] +16 mp5 Duration: 1 hr – 1x Ancient Lichen, 1x Netherbloom, 1x Imbued Vial
[Elixir of Major Fortitude] Guardian +250 health +10 hp5 Duration: 1 hr – 2x Ragveil, 1x Felweed, 1x Imbued Vial

Weapon Oil

Enchanters make these.
[Superior Mana Oil] +14 mp5 Duration: 1 hr through death – 3x Arcane Dust, 1x Netherbloom, 1x Imbued Vial
[Brilliant Mana Oil] +12 mp5 +25 healing Duration: 1 hr through death – 2x Large Brilliant Shard, 3x Purple Lotus, 1x Imbued Vial
[Brilliant Wizard Oil] +36 spell +14 spell crit strike rating Duration: 1 hr through death – 2x Large Brilliant Shard, 3x Firebloom, 1x Imbued Vial

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5 comments to Holy Paladin Raiding Consumables

  • Valis

    Mana Oil > Wizard Oil for healing. But the Brilliant Wizard Oil gets you spell crit, so its not a bad choice. Bit expensive if you don’t need the spell damage tho.

  • Valis

    Also, since spirt and spell damage is practically useless to a Holy Paladin, I’d skip on the +23dmg/+20spirit food as well. You’d get better results handing them out to and spell dps types who didn’t bring ‘em, at least it’d make the fights shorter and thus easier to heal thru.

  • You duped the Healing Power recipe on your Elixir of Mastery entry. Should be 3 terocone and 1 felweed.

  • Nibuca

    And this is why I don’t do entries on the weekend. Too many distractions and I lose track of what I’m doing.

    Thanks ;)

  • Nibuca

    There are some fights were I know it’s going to be relatively short.. and I’d rather have bigger bang to my heals. For longer fights definitely +mp5 is the best.