This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Whar’s ma DPS? (Part III)

Recount 1 Ah, there it is!

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I went out to Area-52 and killed Dr. Boom (yes, I killed him). Before I killed him I tinkered with my spell rotation enough to finally get around 700 DPS. That was standing still focusing on a single target. Then I went to Heroic Botanica. The recount on the left is from that Botanica run.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last part of “Whar’s ma DPS?” It’s been terrifically helpful.

What changed:
I started with Curse of Shadows then cast Unstable Affliction followed immediately by Instant Corruption. Then I’d Shadow Bolt until I needed to refresh UA/Corr (if I thought the mob was going to live longer than 18 sec).

I skipped Immolation and (for the most part) Siphon Life.

In total damage done I was beat out (barely) by the other Warlock. He was using Curse of Agony and mooching off the benefit of my Curse of Shadows. So really.. I kicked his butt ;)

Ah.. wrt the itty-bitty Shadow Bolts. I have Timbal’s Focusing.. thingy. The trinket out of Magisters Terrace. It occasionally fires off a mini-shadow bolt.. with the name “Shadow Bolt”. So my “real” SB hits for more than a minimum of 291 but the both get counted together. That said, my shadow bolts are tiny when compared to a Destruction Spec. *sigh* 5k crits would be lovely.

Oh, of note also: the mobs in Heroic Underbog/Slave Pens are a max of level 72. So you only need 64 spell hit to never miss them. Be sure to maximize your +spell damage and ignore the urge to hit the 202 spell hit rating mark.

Lastly, TeePee suggested that I should spec into “Nightfall”. I agree that it’s a great talent.. but the only place I can see to steal those two points is from “Grim Reach”. I may do it though.. I’m not sure how much 20% more affliction range is benefiting me.

Oh, one more lastly, Timbol’s Focusing thingy seems to have no range ;) . I was playing around on the SSO Isle.. and I dotted one of the flying mobs just as it flew out of range. About 15 seconds later Timbol’s shot that mob again even though that mob was -totally- out of range. Very interesting to have a “plink you” trinket that will shoot things.. that you can’t turn off.

Recount 2

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3 comments to Whar’s ma DPS? (Part III)

  • Siph

    Personally, I’d pull them from either Shadow Embrace or Improved Curse of Agony- check the spec of the other warlocks you raid with, and potentially have a word with your raid leader regarding how important that damage reduction is.

    One point in shadow embrace is definitely worth having just to have an extra shadow effect on the target when draining life, but there’s no point having 2 ‘locks with 5 points in there.

    If you find you have the chance to cast Corruption and Curse of Agony on anything being tanked, then imp CoA might be worthwhile (intuitively, i’d say probably not, even then). It might be of use to you soloing -if you’re farming multiple mobs at a time, for instance- although in my experience even then they don’t live 24 seconds.

    Basically, from your recount report ImpCoA contributed a grand total of 0.05% of your total damage caused, which my mental arithmetic says is about 600 damage, if I’m not an order of magnitude out. Good luck, whichever you go for.

  • Siph

    Again with the double post, sorry. I’m an idiot, I thought you had 2 points in suppression for some reason- you haven’t so I see you need the 2 points in icoa (or somewhere else) to get higher up the tree.

    Good luck however you choose to shuffle your points.

  • TeePee

    /agree Siph, Shadow Embrace is where I’d steal them from, or Improved Howl of Terror; it really doesn’t have a lot of use in pve (although it is admittedly total gold in pvp)

    TeePees last blog post..Spell Hit Gear Updated