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Two things about WotLK media glut

N’kay.. so I know you’re getting it from all sides.. and a recount of all of the features release on Gamespy would be boring (kinda like the unending regurg of patch notes on patch days).. I don’t want to do that but I do want to comment on two things.

Thing One:

# All raid instances will have both 10 person and 25 person versions
# 10 and 25 versions will be on separate cooldowns (Can play in a 10 man earlier in the day and a 25 later)

Some people have taken this to mean that you’ll be able to do the -same- dungeon with either 10 or 25 people. I don’t think so. I think what we’ll end up with will be very similar to the Sunwell instances.

A 10-man that’s in one section and a 25-man that’s in another section.. but still -two- raiding dungeons that are situated in the same complex. But with different encounters and probably different bosses.

Why do I think this?

Look at BC Heroics vs non-Heroics. Aside from the badges.. and the occasional phat loots (pre-kara) I’m kinda meh about running Heroics. It’s the same content as the non-heroics.. just hits harder. If 10-man new-Naxx had exactly the same encounters as 25-man new-Naxx then there’s no excitement in finally being able to run the 25-man.. it’s just more of the same.

If, instead, it’s two different dungeons with different times and different loot tables then there’s excitement in running the 10-man.. followed by more excitement in later running the 25-man.

Add to that, raiding guilds will be incensed if their raid is the same as the 10-man version. I’m talking massive QQ on an epic proportion. No, I firmly believe they’ll be different.. thus encouraging 10-man capable guilds to group their membership so they can experience the 25-man content.

Thing two:

# Vehicles and vehicular combat.

OMG! The video of this is -so- cool. I have wanted to be able to do this since the first time I was knocked out of the air by those stupid Kalari. Die birdy die!

Gamespy: WotLK Videos see especially the “Sholazar Basin” one (starting at ~48 sec).

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6 comments to Two things about WotLK media glut

  • I think you’re missing one of the points of the harder 25-man versions of the raids. Why do people climb Mount Everest (8,848 meters) when they can climb at the Rock Gym? Some people like the challenge. Heck, some people even like the prestige of being the first to kill bosses on hard mode.

    Plus, the interview over at Curse mentioned that they may have to do something like the 10-man version will only be open once the 25-man version has been beaten on the server once. So, they most definitely are talking about the same instance.

    Leiandras last blog post..New Wrath Information

  • I agree with Leiandra; check out the WotLK report at

    “At this point, Kaplan revealed the massive news that Blizzard are changing the way raids are done in Northrend, and making them similar to the 5 man instances, whereby they can be played on two levels of difficulty. All 25 man raids will also be available as 10 man raids. The loot tables will be completely different, the 25 man raids will have better and/or more loot, but this means that most players will get to see the end game content in the 10 man version, if not the 25 man one. He went on to explain the reasons behind this; Karazhan, the 10 man instance in the Burning Crusade, was the most popular instance in the game by far. The 10 man dungeons are obviously popular due to the fewer amount of players needed, and the easier difficulty level. Secondly, a lot of 25 man raiding guilds did not like to have to go through the 10 man raids to get access to the 25 man raids. This new system should please everybody (but I’m certain there will be the usual QQers!). Another interesting fact is that the 10 man raids and the 25 man raids will be on totally separate cool downs. This means that once a guild has completed the 25 man Naxxramas for example, they could go back and complete the 10 man version of it on the same day if they wish.”

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..WotLK Information Released

  • I should add this:

    “Blizzard will be closely monitoring feedback from the community following this announcement, due to its huge implications. It means that much smaller guilds will be able to participate in content that, until now, only the biggest and most organised guilds could manage, but Kaplan was very keen to stress that the 25 man setup would still be the most elite, rewarding experience out there.”

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..WotLK Information Released

  • Nibuca

    Hrm. Not sure if I like that.

    If I could do a 10-man version of Gruul’s would it have been as interestng/challenging to do the same thing with 25 people?

  • I assume it would be similar to the heroic dungeons of today. Better loot, harder encounters, plus the whole epic feeling of accomplishing something with that many people. I, personally, would rather do a raid with 25 people, but it’d be cool to be able to do it with 10 if my guild was small.

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..WotLK Information Released

  • From what i read its two versions of the same raid scaled for either 10 or 25 man encounter maybe with a extra boss maybe but they did say the 25 man version would be the elite version with superior loot much better than the 10 man version.

    As for me. Personally I rather run in small elite strike teams. Thats kinda my style and i prefer being in a 10 man encounter vs a 25 man encounter irregardless if its more elite or not. I’m just more fond of working in smaller teams. Thus 10 man i find more appealing as much easier to get a core team of ten. That works for me. And since it will have Heroics which I personally like 5 man Im sure the gear will be pretty good from there too.

    Everyone likes different things and for some they each have and option to their liking to the WotLK endgame.

    Galohearts last blog post..The World Through My Window 05/12/08