This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

In the name of progress

Coilfang PriestessEarly last week Weaver added a “SSC trash run” to the calendar for Saturday. The plan was to round up whoever we could get and kill SSC trash so we could get a feel for it and hopefully get a few pattern drops.

About 3 hours before the raid fiancee, our guild leader, approached the guild “Guardians of the Flame” and suggested an alliance. We’ve been in an in-name alliance with the guild “Shadow Warlords” for a while.. but for the last month or two SW has gone on 25-mans without us.. and we’ve.. well we haven’t really done anything. On our own we just don’t have the numbers.

When raid time came around West Kingdom fielded 13 people. GotF fielded one. As the pulls when on we got more and more people until finally we had a full raid of 25 people. We made 2-3 attempts on Lurker and then had respawn. Our second time through the trash went -much- faster and we were able to make 2-3 more attempts on Lurker.

We actually had “enough” healers so I was allowed to come on Lilac.

1.jpg On Lurker’s Isle 3.jpg

– It’s a little sad when you get a group of 25 people together and only one of them has high enough fishing to fish up the lurker. In my case, Tatia has 350+ fishing.. I’ll have to work on Lilac.
– Your Imp -does- take damage from the water even if he’s phase shifted. But he -doesn’t- take damage from “spout”. So once you’re on your island, tell him to stay and phase shift him.
– I hate hate hate hate hate having to jump back onto the islands. I had no problems avoiding the spout but getting back up onto the islands was so FREAKING frustrating. I might as well resign myself to just doing the rest of the fight from the water. AUGH! Ok, ok. I know I have to figure this out. But honestly.. I was nearly in tears.
– There was another Afflicition warlock in the group named Maelos who had similar gear to mine but was vastly beating me on DPS. I was really hoping to pick his brain.. but now that I look at the armory he’s no longer listed as being in GotF nor being on Khaz Modan. HRM. So I’m not sure where he went. Hrm. Bummer. I guess I’ll have to dig through the log files.
– Khaz Modan is a PVE server. -I- didn’t do it.. but if you’re PVP flagged (raid lice) then hop onto a bird before you accept your summons. It will drop your PVP flag.

WWS: SSC 6/7. West Kingdom and Guardians of the Flame

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  • Hint hint hint about the water! First, you’ll want to make sure to practice every time before the fishing begins. We typically take that opportunity to rebuff everyone and as a warlock you won’t have too much to do. Secondly, try to strafe-jump onto the platform instead of jumping directly onto it. Using the A and D keys can be the difference between getting a nasty burn in the water.

    Also, all of the platforms — the main middle ring included! — have slight dip in them, but it’s usually located in the middle of the ring. If you want, jump into the middle hole instead of outside and find the point where you can usually walk right back onto the ring. It’s easiest on the main middle platform where Lurker is and if you really have problems getting back onto a platform after a spout you really might want to consider doing that.

    And don’t try to jump back onto a platform if you have a shaman in your group who just cast Heroism; it’s pretty much impossible unless you use those little ramps on the inside. I’m not sure why growing a foot or two makes it that much more difficult, but it does. If you can handle the damage, just swim down and attack Lurker from below until it wears off.

    The thing about the bird and PvP flags is a good tip!